1. Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Vibrator Ring for Couples

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      1. Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Vibrator Ring for Couples

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    1. Product Description

      An upgrade on the original Oden luxury male sex toy, this silicone couple's sex toy is designed to be worn either on the penis as a vibrating cock ring or on the finger. Remote controlled with multiple vibration settings for a varied sexual experience.

      Now featuring 2 different bases, Oden 2 offers the next step up in innovation and pleasure. Choose from either the firm open ring or the stretchy closed ring to provide the best possible fit for you.

      The open ring measures 1.25 inches in diameter and can flex open with an angle greater than 180 degrees before curling back to its original position.

      The closed ring measures 1.15 inches in diameter stretching up to 2.25 inches in diameter for a snug fit around the penis.

      As well as an extra base, Oden 2 has a motor that's 50% more powerful than the original and boasts an increased wireless range that now reaches up to 12 metres away from the remote.

      Oden 2 has 1 constant vibration mode with adjustable intensity and 6 vibrating patterns to experience, all controlled by the innovative SenseMotion remote.This intuitive control allows the speed of vibration to be adjusted with a simple tilt.

      Sit the controller flat for gentle vibrations and tilt it vertically for the most powerful settings, using the + and - buttons to control the range of patterns.

      Waterproof, rechargeable and remote controlled, this silicone sex toy is everything that makes Lelo one of the number one sex toy desingers in the world.

      Oden 2 recharges via the mains and the remote control takes 2 x AAA batteries (included), powering the remote for around 10 hours of play.

      A plethora of goodies is included in the beautiful presentation box. Includes:

      - Oden 2 couple's vibrator and remote

      - Closed ring attachment

      - Battery compartment opener for remote control

      - Satin drawstring storage pouch

      - Lelo Personal Moisturiser sample

      - UK charging plug

      - 2 x AAA batteries for remote

      - Lelo Insignia instruction guide

      - Lelo warranty

      - Lelo guarantee

      Mains rechargeable with a UK plug.

      Voltage: 100 - 240V

      Frequency: 50 - 60hz

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Vibrator Ring for Couples
      2. Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Vibrator Ring for Couples

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    1. Luxurious pleasure

      Reviewed: 13 August 2013 by SD-CJ, a Straight Engaged Male

      I got this toy for my partner and I as we had exhausted the vibrator market and wanted something new and fun to use.

      The toy came in a stylish yet discreet box, the product felt so luxurious!

      The control is my partner's new favourite thing! She can control the vibrations of my cock ring whilst pleasuring herself and the device fits discreetly in the palm of her hand!

      The vibration intensity is superb and very easy to determine with the tilting function on the control.

      This product may, at first, seem pricey, but as soon as you open the parcel you can justify every penny! It even comes with a little brooch, which my partner likes to wear as she feels a little bit naughty flaunting a sex toy emblem in public!

      In conclusion this toy is brilliant for any couple who, like us, wanted a bigger and better vibrating toy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The look of the product and the intensity of vibrations.
      Bottom line
      Luxury, high end and pleasurable product.
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    1. Beautifully made, shame about the size

      Reviewed: 10 August 2013 by S&S

      The Lelo Insignia Oden 2 is one of the latest additions to the beautiful Lelo collection of luxury sex toys. This review will be a somewhat lengthy one, as there are a lot of points to cover, but before we get into the detail too much, we'll provide a quick summary paragraph if you just want to get an idea of what the toy is like.

      The Oden 2 is essentially a vibrating cock ring, with a number of fun features. The main body is an incredibly powerful bullet-style vibrator which has the usual levels of constant vibrations as well as a few patterns. There are two attachments, which allow you to fit the toy around your penis, depending on your girth. The ring is the smaller option of the two, and should be perfect for guys up to around 4 inches in girth. The c-ring is for a larger girth, and should work up to about 5 inches in girth. There is a problem if you are working with anything over that, which was unfortunately the case when I came to use it - I'm 5.5-6 inches around and found absolutely no comfortable way to wear the toy. The ring was incredibly tight, and was downright terrifying to take off, whereas the c-ring couldn't wrap far enough around to comfortably stay on. So you will definitely need to consider your size before investing in this. What makes it such a shame is that the toy is beautifully made, feels absolutely amazing, and has power enough to create mind-blowing orgasms. It's just unfortunate that the sizing didn't quite work out - this is something that could easily be fixed by a larger ring attachment, but there's no such addition at the moment to my knowledge.

      With that quick summary of the main cock-ring aspect of the toy, there are a few points that need to be covered in detail:

      First of all, this is a luxury sex toy. A large part of the price is made up in the fantastic presentation and quality of the material. There are plenty of toys out there that will perform functionally as well (if not better) as the Oden 2 for a fraction of the cost. However, they will not come in a beautifully sleek box, befitting a piece of fine jewellery as much as a sex toy. The box opens up to the Oden 2 sitting in a velvet-covered panel, with a small box at the end containing the rest of the accessories. As well as this presentation, you are paying for the quality of the material: this is without a doubt the best feeling sex toy we've come across, both feeling it in your hands, and feeling it during sex. The vibrations are a constant and powerful throbbing, and are as powerful as any other vibrator out there, excepting a mains-powered wand. This is a toy that will last a long, long time without showing any drop in quality.

      A cool feature of the Oden 2 is the remote control, which works in a number of interesting ways. Firstly, it works as a single vibrator itself, with decent vibrations (though nothing as strong as the main toy itself). The remote takes two AAA batteries, and seems to last a good while. The second and third features work together with the main cock-ring, with the remote controlling the vibrations in some cool ways. Firstly, you can change the vibration level of the cock-ring by simply moving the remote control; holding it horizontally will leave the vibrations at 10% power, and slowly turning it vertically will turn it up to its impressive full power. Secondly, and this is a really fun feature, you can control the vibration of the cock-ring by shaking the remote-control! The harder you shake, the harder the vibration! We had a lot of fun with this setting during sex, and between the three options, the remote-control adds a lot of versatility to the toy.

      Now, the cock-ring itself: this is without a doubt the best feeling and most powerful little vibrator we've used during sex. During sex, it feels completely silky, luxurious and decadent - it is here where you really feel where your money has been spent. The shape is absolutely perfect and ergonomic, fitting perfectly between the vaginal lips and ensuring that the clitoris is fully stimulated. The vibrator is incredibly powerful and has the usual patterns, which are sure to satisfy anyone.

      The problem with the Oden 2 comes with the ring attachments used to turn the vibrator into a cock-ring - as I have mentioned at the beginning of the review, if you are working with a girth of over 5 inches, then there is just no way to wear the Oden comfortably during sex. The c-ring, which is included to cater for larger guys, just isn't good enough. It doesn't stretch far enough around, and slips off quite easily once there is lube and movement in the picture. The only way that we were comfortably able to use the cock-ring as intended during sex was with her on top, leaning onto the toy to keep it in place. This obviously limits movement and the overall enjoyment, which is not at all what you want from a toy in this price range. The only conclusion is that if you have a girth of 5 inches or more, then you will not be able to fully enjoy the Oden 2, which drastically cuts down on its value. A simple fix to this would be the addition of a larger cock-ring attachment, as I have mentioned, but I can find no indication that this will be added at a future date at the time of writing.

      Having said that, we will certainly continue to use the Oden 2 a lot in our sex life - it is an incredibly versatile toy, and although we are disappointed that I can't wear the cock-ring comfortably, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the toy. The remote control with its various functions offers a lot of possibilities for play - did we mention that it has a range of up to about 12 metres? This opens up some fun possibilities for secreting the vibrator whilst outside for some fun. Due to its ergonomic design, the vibrator can comfortably slip into a pair of panties and be held in place over the clitoris. As well as this, the vibrator can be inserted vaginally, something which feels quite good. In this situation, the ring attachment acts as a handle, something which also allows the Oden to be used as a simple bullet vibrator, which is perfect for solo fun.

      Overall then, this is a fantastically made, versatile toy which is sure to last you a long time. So long as you understand that it is a luxury sex toy, and that a lot of the high price of the product relates directly to the luxurious packaging and presentation and material. Our problems were not so much objective ones, but had to do with my size in particular, so do bear that in mind - points are certainly dropped for such an expensive toy not catering to a number of men simply because of the size of the cock-ring attachments. Be sure to measure yourself before you buy!

      The big question then - is the Oden 2 worth the money? If you understand the appeal of the luxury sex toy, and are confident that it will fit comfortably, then without a doubt this is a fantastic investment. The price, although steep, is completely justified in the quality and versatility of the toy. It is essentially a few toys all in one, and there is a 10-year guarantee with Lelo included in the box, just in case you were worried. If, however, you are not confident the ring will fit you comfortably, then you are losing out on a big selling point of the Oden 2, and there are plenty of cheaper cock-rings out there which will do just fine. However, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy the toy, and so it may still be worth considering for a bit of a decadent treat. The Oden 2 is a fantastic addition to our collection, and although disappointed about the ring-attachments, we are sure to get an absolute ton of use out of it in the years to come.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Beautiful quality, so versatile, powerful vibrator.
      Sizing on the ring-attachments.
      Bottom line
      An amazing investment.
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    1. Disappointed, difficult to use

      Reviewed: 24 July 2015 by Matt&Meric

      I loved the concept of this, but the novelty of the remote wore off quickly.

      I was disappointed by the quality of the plastic. The metallic finish started chipping off around the slot of the remote section after just a few uses because the plastic tool provided slipped easily.

      It was easier to open the battery compartment with the palm of your hand. The vibrator came with two options. The open curl and the closed loop, neither of which was practical to use.

      The closed ring was too tight and thick to be worn comfortably around (a well endowed) erection for very long because it has a small rolled edge that tended to pinch and the open curl either fell off the shaft or the tail stabbed one testicle. Both left the vibrator end swaying around and not really making any contact with either partner.

      I tried hooking the curl around panties and slipping the remote into my partner's pocket for some discreet public teasing, but both sections need to be synced and that process is not at all discreet.

      The curve of the vibrator was good to use for her solo as it fits in the palm of your hand, but then required one hand to hold it and the other for the remote control or meant that he had to control the vibrations. The control section does vibrate, but only really enough to tell what what going on with the other section.

      The multiple patterns and settings are not user friendly and it really was just an awkward mess of trying to get it to work correctly, instead of being something both partners could enjoy.

      We stopped using the remote for it altogether as the batteries for half of the product while the other half was rechargeable is inconvenient. The vibrator for her was okay but nothing special and not particularly strong.

      The silicon has a nice feel, but it started to peel away from the plastic interior and then the whole thing stopped working. It would only vibrate when held in very limited orientations or would randomly stop working, which is extremely frustrating!

      It must have been an internal fault as there was no external damage and was treated well (kept in the original box, stored and cleaned properly). A small bullet vibrator would have been better.

      The branding is the only reason this item was so expensive and we feel mislead by the branding.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Silicon and sleek black design, one part is rechargeable and came packaged well.
      Cheap quality, overpriced, short-lived. Remote required batteries still.
      Bottom line
      The box lasted longer than the toy. Lesson learned.
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