1. Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator

      Average customer review: Average customer review 9 out of 10 (49 reviews) Add your review

      Extravagant vibration intensity courses the length of the sizeable Lelo Smart Wand, for powerful pleasure in a premium package. Remote-control operable, put your gratification into your partner's palm and enjoy unbridled bliss.

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      1. Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Extravagant vibration intensity courses the length of the sizeable Lelo Smart Wand, for powerful pleasure in a premium package. Remote-control operable, put your gratification into your partner's palm and enjoy unbridled bliss.

      Winner of the 2013 Red Dot Design Award for Excellence in Product Design, Lelo Smart Wands boast premium style, high-quality silicone and a whisper-quiet rechargeable motor.

      Use the Smart Wand's 8 powerful vibration settings for incredible all-over body massages before moving to stimulate intimate areas. Cordless and waterproof for use anywhere you wish, sensuous stimulation is yours on demand while the whisper-quiet rechargeable motor won't give you away.

      Explore each of the individually adjustable vibration settings via the ergonomic interface, using the plus and minus buttons to switch between intensities. Additionally, Lelo's SenseTouch technology adds a further intuitive edge to your play, with the vibration power reacting to how firmly you hold the wand into your body.

      To recharge, simply connect the included UK mains plug to the waterproof charging point on its base. A single 2 hour charge allows up to 4 hours of playtime.

      Ensure complete satisfaction by using Lelo's powerful sex toy with plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant.

      Please note: The 9v UK mains charger included with the Lelo Smart Wand Large cannot be used with any other Lelo sex toy. All other Lelo chargers are NOT compatible with this product.

      Key Features:

      • Designer rechargeable magic wand vibrator for powerful cordless pleasure
      • 8 individually adjustable settings create a completely tailored experience
      • SenseTouch technology responds naturally to your touch for custom intensity
      • Whisper-quiet for discreet fun and 100% waterproof for aquatic playtime
      • Includes satin storage bag, charger, sachet of personal moisturiser and 10-year warranty
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 12 inches
      • Circumference: 7.5 inches
      • Base type: Handle
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Duration: 240 minutes

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    2. Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator

      To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player. Click here to see which Flash Version you have. If you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.

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      An intelligent, powerful and silky soft luxury wand is here. The Lelo Smart Wand features intuitive SenseTouch technology and is rechargeable and wireless for pleasure anywhere, any time. Perfectly contoured and with a multitude of speeds, this powerful and indulgent toy will leave you gasping for breath.

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    Customer Reviews

    Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (49 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Out of this world

      Reviewed: 22 November 2015 by Chelly , a Straight Going Steady Female

      This is absolutely amazing, wireless, lasts a while and the power is just unreal. Looks sexy and it really is! It's so so so powerful that sometimes it's almost too much to bear but in the best possible way.

      If you want a guaranteed orgasm every time, get this. It's worth every penny, sometimes I put something small inside me that vibrates, either hole (when I'm using on my own) and it is out of this world!

      Loads of different vibration types (I just like the normal one that buzzes all the time) however you have all the ones that buzz stop buzz stop etc...

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Everything, sexy, powerful, good battery life, easy to use and just orgasm world!
      Bottom line
      12/10 Perfect buy, my boyfriend made an excellent purchase!
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    1. My first wand

      Reviewed: 06 November 2015 by Kittycat102, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I've seen a lot of women, and sometimes men, talking about wands. Not really anything specific, just wands in general. A lot of people were saying that they're amazing and so powerful and that they induce really intense orgasms. Always made me curious and wanting one. The only issue was that they're not known for being quiet toys. Until I heard about the Lelo Smart Wand...


      Lelo's packaging is always impressive and beautiful like anyone who owns one of their products will tell you. The packaging for the Smart Wand is quite different from the usual Lelo packaging though. The outer box is white with tasteful images of a woman in a towel, using the Smart Wand on various places on her body as a non-erotic massager. I found this quite amusing since it's like Lelo is trying to convince someone that it's really not a sex toy. I know people use wands for aching muscles but c'mon, the average person would easily twig that this wand is a sex toy.

      The inner box is very classy, so much so that it made me feel as if I was about to open up a box of very expensive lingerie. It's a very sturdy white box with Lelo's logo embossed on the middle of it in a gold colour.

      Lifting it up, you'll find your Smart Wand, a sachet of personal 'moisturiser', a little bottle of antibacterial spray (that surprised me), a storage bag, charger, user manual and a 1 year warranty card.

      I was a little worried about the storage bag as a lot of people were saying that it really smells a lot and they had to air it out. I honestly didn't find the smell that overpowering unless I directly sniffed it. I actually like the smell so it doesn't bother me.

      All in all, it's very tastefully put together. The outer box doesn't scream sex toy (even though I'd just immediately know it is one), the inner box is great for storage and the packaging overall is perfect for gift giving.

      How it looks and feels:

      From the moment I saw this wand, I was in awe of its beauty. It really is the most gorgeous sex toy I've ever seen. I got this in white and it really does look divine. The silicone is the softest and smoothest I've ever felt (and that's saying a lot) and the silver, ABS plastic handle is a lovely contrast from the lovely ivory colour. Lelo's logo is also imprinted on the handle, it's a nice little touch.

      The head of the wand is fairly flexible which is great for manoeuvring it around all over your body. The handle is nice and curved which makes it incredibly easy to hold, especially if you have hand and wrist issues.

      The controls are at the base of the wand and they're nice and raised so you can feel them easily during use and so you won't have to fiddle around in the dark to find them. Wait… you're doing that anyway, aren't you? Plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the power and the middle button for the vibration settings.

      Overall, this wand looks incredibly beautiful and it's so easy and comfortable to use. I also can't seem to stop myself from just stroking it, the quality of the silicone is just amazing.

      How it feels during use:

      I'm so addicted to this thing. I can't stop using it. I never thought something would ever top my We-Vibe Touch, until I used this wand. Switching it on, it started I think on the 3rd speed, which I thought was a bit odd. I didn't understand why it just didn't start on the lowest setting. So I turned it down to the first speed just to get a feel of it.

      It feels incredibly rumbly (yay, my favourite type of vibrations) and it's pretty powerful on the first speed. It just purrs and you can barely even hear it, I have to listen very closely to even hear it myself and I'm in the same room! After I got used to it, I intensified the vibrations and it just gets better and better.

      It gets even more powerful and starts to feel just utterly amazing, making my whole vagina feel the vibrations, they're very broad because of the large head. Apparently this wand has about 8 speeds. I really don't believe that. I swear when I use it, it's like the speeds just keep multiplying and I can never count the same number each time. The vibrations also change depending on you're holding the wand. If I hold it at the top of the handle, then they get more buzzy and seemingly more loud. But if I hold the wand at the base, then they go back to rumbly. It's strange but not in a bad way, it's like I've got five toys in one with this wand.

      The more you go up in speed, the stronger the vibrations get and more buzzy they get, also a bit loud. The highest setting is extremely powerful and I can only use it when I'm home alone but I don't often need to use it that high, the lower settings are perfectly fine and extremely powerful still. This wand once gave me the strongest orgasm I've ever had and my clitoris was throbbing for about half an hour and my vagina was extremely sensitive for over two hours. No, I'm not kidding.

      The patterns with this wand are really interesting. I'm actually not one for patterns at all but some of them with this wand are really good and I quite enjoy them. They're all varied and quite different so I think a lot of people would enjoy them. Even I did, I'm pleased to say.

      The Sensetouch Technology is an interesting feature. I didn't really want this wand for that feature alone but I tried it anyway. To activate it, all you do is press and hold the middle button for 3-5 seconds, it's that simple. The LED light will flash to let you know the setting is on, then just press and hold the middle button again for 3-5 seconds and the wand will go back to the regular settings.

      It really does work the way it's supposed to. It knows when the wand is in contact with your skin and when it isn't. Press hard and the vibrations intensify, let up the pressure and the vibrations become gentle again. It really is a cool feature, I don't use it often as I have a tendency to press hard with this wand and it makes the vibrations too loud and I don't want to be heard by anyone.

      The wand has a memory function so it remembers what setting it was on last and it will go back on that setting once you turn the wand on again.


      Charging the Lelo Smart Wand is so easy and simple. You just plug the pin into the base of the wand and the controls will start to flash repeatedly, then the light is steady once the wand is fully charged. It takes around 2 hours or so to fully charge and the charge lasts around 4 hours but it depends what vibration setting you have it on.

      Clean up:

      The Lelo Smart Wand is really easy to clean as it's completely waterproof. Just run it under some running water and use some soap, then just dry it off with a towel.


      The Lelo Smart Wand is just amazing. I completely adore it and I'm just completely addicted to using it. It's powerful, rumbly, cordless and for the most part, really quiet. It's also incredibly beautiful and I think it's really fairly priced considering what you get out of this wand. This is the only wand I'll ever need and I think I want to be buried with it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Everything, I want to be buried with it.
      Bottom line
      An amazing, beautiful first wand. Did I mention I want to be buried with it?
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    1. Superb wand - just as strong as the wired version

      Reviewed: 01 November 2015 by Velour, a Straight Married Male

      We've had this wand for about two years now (the white version). It's a staple in our sex-diet and comes out so often that the charger is pretty much always plugged in. The battery holds plenty of charge, but when something is this good...

      It's different to a bullet, not as focused but more more powerful and so leads to different sensations. If the other half ever has trouble getting going, then a minute or two with this and the problem goes away! We haven't used the sense-touch mode much, but that seems to work very well.

      The silicone outer is also very soft and pleasant to touch, holds lube well and feels as good today as when it was new.

      It's not heavy to hold either.

      Only downside is that lots of effort has obviously gone into the wand, not so much into the case. It works, it's quality neoprene, but the design could be better to fit the wand properly.

      Well worth purchasing.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The power, the feel and the battery life.
      Case could be better fitted.
      Bottom line
      Couldn't live without it.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes