1. Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex Vibrator

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      1. Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Less of a sex toy, more of a power tool, the Rock Box is quite probably the world's most powerful sex toy for couples. A bonershaker of a mains powered vibrator that comes with attachments for him and for her. Intense vibrating stimulation for all.

      If your usual vibrators leave you hungry for more power and pleasure then Rock Box is the sex toy guaranteed to sate your power-hungry appetite. A 6 speed monster between your legs, this unisex vibrator promises a sex toy experience unlike any other.

      This powerful vibrator plugs directly into the mains for instant operation and sports a 5 metre power cord for play all over the house (just remember to keep it dry).

      A body-quaking, bone-shaking vibrator that gets you going like no other sex toy can. The powerful 5,000 RPM motor is deeply resonant, shaking you 5 times harder than your average washing machine spin cycle. Yowza!

      6 power settings take you from 'Steady on!' to 'OMG WTF!?!' in the flick of a scroll wheel. If this baby went to 11 it would probably be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

      2 attachments are supplied with Rock Box - one for him and one for her to ensure nobody misses out on the ultimate pleasure tool.

      For Her

      The attachment for her is a large, firm tongue that extends directly out of the Rock Box vibrator unit. Slick and shine the tongue with your lube of choice and enjoy its sensational skills under the command of the fantastically-powerful motor. If you find the feeling too intense, try using Rock Box over your clothes... it's just as thrilling that way, too.

      The tongue is shaped to offer precise clitoral stimulation but is just as pleasurable for G-spot stimulation. Start off slow and build yourself up to the orgasm of a lifetime.

      For Him

      The attachment for him is unlike any other male sex toy you've ever seen. Designed to tease the underside of the penis, apply lashings of sex lube and indulge in waves of undulating pleasure as the deep ridges of the attachment transmit the super-powerful speeds of vibration. Gradually increase the speed setting to number 3 over the course of a few minutes and complete your orgasm by placing the Rock Box over the tip of your penis. Try using the Rock Box over your clothes at first until you think you're ready to experience its full-blown intensity... au naturel!

      How to Use Rock Box

      - Connect your choice of attachment

      - Ensure the power switch is off and connect the power cable to the mains and the toy.

      - Switch on at the lowest setting and hold it against your sexy parts (or your partners)

      - Adjust the power to suit your desires

      - Let Rock Box work its magic

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    Customer Reviews

    Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex Vibrator 8 out of 10 8 out of 10 (6 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Rock Box your sox off

      Reviewed: 07 February 2012 by Blondii, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      This is a unisex vibrator which is mains powered, so no more fudging around for batteries in the back of the drawer or them running out at the wrong time. You have full 240 volt mains power... Hell yes!

      I'm in love with my Rock Box it absolutely rocked my world. These attachments are perfectly shaped for both man and woman. The motor power of the 5000rpm is amazing to have in a sex toy.

      The Rock Box is so far away from being a vibrator, I would say it's a portable sex machine. Vibrator gives images of 5-7 inch long penisshaped vibes. The Rock Box is very much like your other half's power sander tool. It's black with a soft rubberised skin with a curved handle with the on/off button on the underside, on the top of the handle you have a scroll wheel which clicks through 6 variable speeds.


      The top of the Rock Box has a vibrating plate which you can alternate between the 2 easily exchangeable TPR skin safe attachments: the gorgeous pastel pink Hot chick, shaped like a tongue which is firm but squeezable, and the 10cm long black Master blaster, which has 3 ripples that can grip the penis. This plate then vibrates at your chosen speed so you will be fighting over who is going to use this first.

      At the back of the Rock Box is a kettle cable plug which has approximately "6 metres of cable", wow yes I did say 6 metres; it's the longest cable I have with any electrical product, meaning you can really use this machine almost anywhere.

      The Hot Chick attachment:

      The pink silicone tongue sits comfortably in the right place. The tongue sits at the entrance to the vagina and is perfectly contoured for us girlies. It's smooth tapered tongue is shaped to fit our curves and is insertable if you wish approximately 1/2 -1cm centimetre as it gently rocks into the vagina. I know it doesn't sound a lot but believe me it's all you need at the speeds this toy goes. The shape presses against your clit and inner labia too so you feel the vibrations through your whole pelvis, seriously! The vibration and power behind this machine is something I have never felt in any toy I have ever owned in 25 years.

      The instruction booklet suggests you try it first over clothes to get used to the feel and power. I placed the Rock Box and Hot Chick over my leggings to start with and wow, within a few minutes I had the an intense orgasm, and that's OVER clothes and when I looked I was only on number 3... jeeze.

      Once naked it comes into its own using a water-based lube. My orgasms are incredible and I can only make it to 4. It gives me fast intense rumbly, rocking orgasms - a fantastic feeling as it rocks backwards and forwards against you.

      If you read my reviews you know I'm a huge one for power. Have I met my match? Yes I think I may have but I haven't been beaten yet. I'm working my way to 6 as I keep trying it. This toy is for those of you that think you can handle power!

      The whole Rock Box is quite heavy, but I actually love the weight as it sits securely between your legs leaving you just with the speed dial to worry about.

      Envision if you will, sitting astride a Harley Davidson revving the engine enjoying the moment, then imagine the same scenario but with one of the spark plugs taken out... really rocking... Now you're getting it!

      The Masterblaster Attachment:

      This black silicone attachment is firm and soft with 3 ribs to give more stimulation to the penis. For the guys you simply press the Rock Box against the underside of the penis against the body. Again, in the first instance over clothes or towel till you think you can handle the intense vibrations.

      To start with hold the Rock Box between your thighs then angle it towards you pressing the penis against the stomach using the weight of the Rock Box to press down. Unlike us girl's the man will have to support it by the handle or lie back. It is designed to throb against the underside of the penis stimulating the F-spot or frenulum. No other male sex toy does this.

      My OH found it was best on speeds 3-4 as it has more rumble movement. On 5-6 it boosts the power to a deep vibration. It's finding the right position and vibration setting for you.

      For men something to be aware of is the attachment of the Masterblaster. As the guys holds it firmly against them, the hard plastic prongs can rub against you in some positions. My advice is place something soft like a tissue or piece of cloth where this will rest.

      We both found starting slowly and working up gives me the most intense orgasms, don't be tempted to jump to 5 or 6. Sometimes it's the journey of the holiday that's great as well as reaching your destination.


      Both attachments slide off and can be held under hot running soapy water to clean them. Then spray with your sex toy cleaner and store away. Remember NEVER use the Rock Box anywhere that is near water, you are dealing with a 240 volt machine after all. Should you get any marks on the Rock Box itself simply wipe with a cloth.


      The Rock Box is for those that adore power and can never find a vibe strong enough for them. The soft velvety texture gives it its gorgeous luxury expensive feel.

      This is not a beginners toy because of the intensity this toy has. If you are after discreet get a bullet, but if you want something that will last for years it is well made, never tires and you can share as a couple this is the machine for you.

      It is awkwardly large to grab when just wanting a quickie, and definitely too noisy with others in the home or thin walls. But a machine this powerful, it's well worth it. Any motor which has to have its own air holes to prevent overheating is going to knock your socks off!

      I adore the tough, hardcore look and sexy rawness of it, the dark exterior and the power it exudes. It's my kind of man... What a tongue... such a turn-on! Finally I have my own power tool that my OH will want to borrow from me.

      Is it worth the £99? Absolutely. You really are getting value in just the weight alone let alone the amazing power and control at the touch of a button. If you buy one luxury toy this year make it this one. You have 2 toys in 1 - what more can you ask.

      Afterthought: I would love Lovehoney to design a more insertable vibrator adaptor - a dildo-like shape for us girls, maybe even a G-spot bend. And also an anal men's version for their P-spot. The plans could be endless for this.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10
      Incredible power, intensity, for guys and girls, mains, 6ft long cable.
      The attachment prongs on the Masterblaster can rub for men.
      Bottom line
      The most powerful machine that gives mind-blowing orgasms for both of you.
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    1. Rock Box Review

      Reviewed: 15 May 2012 by east_anglian, a Straight Single Male

      The Rock Box reminded me of my hedge trimmer tool - without the cutting blades attached!

      It is not only the most powerful vibrator toy I know of but also likely has a loudness unbeaten by any other.

      As no female volunteer has yet appraised the use of my Rock Box from her perspective I will comment from the male perspective. It is fun to use with either of the two attachments supplied, perhaps feeling most stimulating when applied over tight denim jeans that transmit pleasant tingling vibrations around thighs, buttocks and other close parts of the anatomy.

      I like to use my 'Rock Box' as a delicious alternative to a 'Magic Wand' type vibrator - that will be a subject for another review.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10
      Mains 230V powered and the strongest vibrations of any sex toy yet encountered.
      Very limited range (2 only) attachments; so not great for anal stimulation.
      Bottom line
      Very powerful vibrator toy for dual gender use that will not flatten any batteries.
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    1. Wow - Ultimate power toy

      Reviewed: 26 April 2012 by *Emma*, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Upon opening the Rockbox I was a little taken aback by how much it looked like something from the Black & Decker tool range, but at the same time I was excited to test out the 240v mains powered toy.

      There are two attachments, one for women and one for men, which are easy to attach, remove and clean. The instruction booklet is informative and helpful and features images of the product.

      The toy itself is quite heavy and durable and you can use it lying, sitting or standing up, which is great. Holding the handle you put the toy in place (being a woman you hold it so the pink attachment curves around between your thighs while resting on your pubic bone) and use the one and off switch and roller to increase/decrease the power.

      You're advised for the first time to wear clothing when using this, which I too would advise for newbies to this type of 5000rp extreme strength toy, but having many bullets and a wand already I got down to it with nothing on at all.

      The vibrations are amazing and I orgasmed quickly but the noise was rather off-putting. I pray my neighbours aren't at home! Also on top speed (yea I'm hardcore lol) it did make my hand and arm vibrate with it.

      I was slightly disappointed that it is not designed to provide direct clit stimulation. It's more of an all-over crotch toy and you can't really change the angle/position of it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10
      Power/strength of vibrations. Mains operated.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic power tool type toy that hits the spot.
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    1. Pleasantly Surprised By How Quickly I Acclimatised

      Reviewed: 29 February 2012 by Hella Walkington

      Okay. Where to begin with this one? The Rock Box is not the sort of sex toy I'd normally go for. As a general rule I like a clitoral vibe paired with a dildo and it's a combo that I'm pretty satisfied with.

      The thing about working at Lovehoney is you have to test your boundaries and as no one at LH HQ had come forward to try out the Rock Box yet I sheepishly volunteered to take one for the team. I worked pretty closely with Rock Box and I knew what it was capable of, so I was pretty nervous about getting up close and personal with one - but in all honesty I'm glad I did.

      The Rock Box is unlike any other sex toy you've got in your collection. If you were going to try to compare it to anything it would have to be a magic wand vibrator. It's incredibly powerful, unusually shaped and takes a little practice to get the application right, but once you master those key points you're laughing.

      The first time I went there with Rock Box I didn't use any lube and focused it as a clitoral vibe. I did nothing to warm myself up and went straight in, all guns blazing, at the first setting. I have to say it was surprisingly manageable.

      The sensation was unusual, offering more movement than a vibrator and feeling stronger than the toys I generally use. Placing it against the clitoris created an almost instantaneous numbing effect which took a while to disperse. In my experience more powerful sex toys often do this, shocking the system into an unresponsive lull when you make first contact. Fear not, though, you'll adjust and start to feel the pleasurable benefits of that high power and within minutes you'll be amping it up a notch or two.

      Using it purely as a clitoral vibe got me from 0 to orgasm in around 8 minutes, approximately 6 minutes longer than it takes me with a clitoral vibe like Lelo Mia. As well as the adjustment time required I had additional problems with the power cable (it seemed to shake loose), positioning (the unit is pretty heavy and the shape can be awkward) and changing the speeds (that scroll wheel is seriously stiff). Despite the difficulties I achieved a decent orgasmic response that I'd rate as a 6 or 7 on the satisfaction scale.

      The next time I played I wanted to really test the limits of Rock Box as both a clitoral and G-spot toy, so I lavished the lube all over the silicone tongue adaptor.

      The introduction of lube to the mix did 2 things:

      1) It exasperated the issues I've already mentioned with managing to hold it steady and it really made a chore out of that scroll wheel.

      2) It totally transformed the functionality of the adaptor in incredible ways.

      I seriously found myself struggling to control the placement of Rock Box with lubey hands and opted for the two-hands-on approach to steady it. Switching it between internal and external stimulation was just... incredible. It takes a while to master the movements, but when you've got them down you'll be pleasure drunk.

      I think I managed to amp it up to the 4th setting on the second outing and what resulted was full-body explosive, definitely an experience I'm glad I've had (and will be glad to have again). All in all it took me around 20 minutes to reach an intense climax, much longer than I'd normally be happy to spend on a solo session. The results were a firm 10, so if you have the time to invest it's worth spending it with Rock Box.

      For me Rock Box isn't going to be a go-to toy. It'll be a once-in-a-while playmate for when I have time to spare (or there's procrastination to be had). I'd recommend it for those who like to make a big deal out of masturbation, who want to spend time enjoying the journey instead of getting to their destination as soon as possible. It would also make an outstanding accompaniment to bedroom bondage fun.

      I'd be wary about using this toy for foreplay unless you want it to be the main event. The power will leave you hungry for more power, not exactly conducive to progressive play or a change of pace. It's also a little awkward to try using during sex but I'm sure it can be accomplished with persistence.

      It takes patience to master a toy as powerful and awkward as Rock Box but the results are more than reward enough to warrant the effort and experimentation. A sex toy like this should be looked upon like a new and eager lover, you might not bond with it straight away and you might find it a little full on at first, but you'll soon learn how to make the most of its skill set and then you'll be hard pressed to give it up.

      As a final note, this toy is loud. Train in a tunnel loud. There's no way you'll get away with playing with this toy in a house full of peeps without your exploits being noticed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10
      The female attachment is all shades of awesome.
      The power cable has a tendency to fall out and the dial is stiff.
      Bottom line
      Don't be afraid to take things to 11... slowly.
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    1. The Rock Box

      Reviewed: 23 February 2012 by candy_shop, a Straight Married Female

      Since I received this toy I have used it several times - drunk, sober, solo and with another girl :)

      The toy comes with 2 attachments, one for the girls and one for the guys... My boyfriend didn't want it anywhere near his dick so can't comment on the men's attachment lol.

      At first glance it looks like some sort of power tool. In fact a member in my cam room has started calling it the Black & Decker pink pecker, which I think is quite fitting :)

      It's quite a heavy toy and sometimes can be a bit awkward to hold, but I find lying it on the bed and sitting on top of it feels the best for me.

      As a cam girl I've grown quite used to powerful toys, the Hitachi being my favourite, so I ignored the warnings about trying it on low power over your clothes and stuck it up to the highest setting straight away. The vibrations are very strong, which I love, and can make me cum pretty quickly, and when I put the pink 'tongue' looking part inside me, it feels amazing! I like that you can either just have it lying on your clit or put it a bit inside you at the same time.

      I took the toy over to Sasha's house (a fellow cam girl) one night and let her have a go too. Sasha is a lot more sensitive then me and is actually scared of the Hitachi lol but was willing to try it out. The lower setting was the best for her and I'm not quite sure she could handle the highest setting as she would scream the house down if I turned it up a bit LOL.

      We both agreed that it was a fun gadget and something different from the normal vibes you get, but would of preferred if it was a bit lighter to hold. I think one of the best things about this toy as well is that it has the potential to have so many different cool attachments to put on it. I'm waiting for the 8inch cock attachment now :D… Hurry up and make that so I can rock my box a little more ;)

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10
      The power of the toy, and the fact that you could control the speed.
      A bit akward to hold sometimes.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic toy, not for the faint-hearted! Something different to other toys out there.
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