1. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Purple

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      1. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Purple

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    1. Product Description

      Ignite the kinky spark in your relationship with this innovative electrosex wand by Kinklab. Fashioned to look like a tool that belongs in a mad scientists lab, you'll be surprised to discover its beginner-friendly options that suit any experience level.

      With a bark that's worse than its bite, this unique sex toy blends an intimidating 'tool-like' exterior with light stimulation that awakens both body and mind. Its aggressive styling makes a fantastic prop for enhancing power play scenarios, whilst its completely customisable power settings enable you to experiment with different level of pleasure and pain.

      Contrary to most electrosex toys that offer stimulation you can feel but not see, the Kinklab violet wand creates glowing sparks that leap through the air and create a visual thrill unlike any other - it really is eye-gasmic! Plus, thanks to special gas-filled attachments, the purple adds a custom hue to your play session.

      Historically violet wands are cumbersome things used for medical and therapeutic purposes (Victorian cure to baldness anyone?) but Kinklab have taken this technology and formed it into a lightweight, convenient model for easy use in the bedroom. Not just reserved for BDSM couples and pain seekers, this e-stim toy boasts a multitude of features to help you customise sensation for beginner, intermediate and advanced play.

      Use the simple twist base control to set the power output, and experiment with all 4 tempered glass attachments to discover their different stimulating properties. The attachments comprise of an Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe and Tongue Tube. Wider attachments such as the Mushroom and Tongue tubes spread sensation and reduce intensity, while narrow contact points such as the Comb 'teeth' and Probe concentrate stimulation in one area for much stronger sensation.

      Although associated with bondage, fetish and BDSM, the Violet Wand actually works similarly to feather ticklers, offering a gentle and prickly tickling sensation that can be powered up to something more painful if you should desire.

      Key Features:

      • Electrosex violet wand for exciting electro-stimulation pleasure
      • 4 tempered glass attachments offer a variety of intensities and play options
      • 96 inch cord length enables easy manoeuvrability during play
      • 9.25 inch rubber-coated wand handle provides a solid grip point for faultless control
      • Makes a fantastic electrical "buzzzz" that enhances mad scientist role play perfectly
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 9 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Material: Glass
    3. Power and speed

      • Power Type: Mains powered

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    1. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

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      Specifically designed for at-home use. Kinklab's Neon Wand comes with four attachments to enhance your bedroom bondage, BDSM and fetish play or just add a whole new meaning to 'turned on' during foreplay or sex.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Purple 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Purple
      2. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Purple

        Only: £99.99

    1. Best Product Ever - Must-Have

      Reviewed: 07 January 2015 by minx0402, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I have tried and tested lots of products. However, this is far the best toy I have brought. The attachments you can buy extra are amazing.

      The feeling of the comb running down your back or in-between your legs is just something else.

      There are different speeds that you can work up, depending on your pain threshold.

      The small round tip attachments is just out of this world, and if used properly you can even reach orgasm.

      Love the noise and power this gives me. Must-have toy for your collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Love this - makes my love making a lot more electrifying.
      Nothing at all.
      Bottom line
      A must-have for all couples.
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    1. Shockingly brilliant

      Reviewed: 27 September 2016 by Keet, a Straight Going Steady Male

      My partner liked the look of electro fetish so thought we'd give it a go. First of all started at a low power, however, we were cranking it up in no time.

      Blindfolded and tied up is the best way to use the wand. Without her seeing where the wand was going to touch next added to the sensation, within no time she was on the edge of orgasm.

      Can't wait to try the extra add-ons available.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The sensation it creates.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant for people first starting in the electrosex scene.
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    1. Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

      Reviewed: 24 October 2015 by Mr platt, a Straight Engaged Male

      It arrived on time, as always, discreetly packaged. The box it comes it is sturdy, well presented.

      Well, let's get down to the product itself. Me and my OH couldn't wait to try it out, and wow. We blindfolded each other so we couldn't tell when either of us were going to touch the other with the glass elements.

      My OH loved the comb glass element. It was too much for her, but myself tried all the other elements.

      I thought it could do with more power, but I still enjoyed it. It made it better with the blindfold not knowing where she was going to touch me or probe me next.

      If you are new the the electro stim world like we are, I think it's the perfect for the beginner to work yourself up to the bigger, more powerful electro products, which hopefully I can persuade my OH to purchase and try.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      It was easy to use.
      Thought it could do with more power.
      Bottom line
      Great for a beginner to the electro world
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    1. Not what was expected but still fun

      Reviewed: 24 July 2015 by Tink_sixes, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This had been on our wish list for about 6 months and I finally got it! I was so pleased when it arrived a day earlier than expected. As always, it goes without saying, it was discreetly packaged by LH.

      When I opened the plain LH box and removed the paper from the top I was not disappointed. It comes in a beautiful quality box, which has a magnetic close strip. Inside, each element of the wand has its own little place in the perfectly cut out foam to keep your new toy safe.

      So like a kid in a candy store, after waiting so long we just couldn't wait to try this. The night it arrived we set the scene and had a play. It's really easy to use and switch between the ends to change the sensation. The colour is amazing and with the lights out between the colour and the buzz of the electric, your heart is racing in anticipation.

      The zap it gives on the lower settings was not that great (but I guess this depends on your own personal thresholds), so we turned it up a little and, wow, it is enough to make you jump!

      It wasn't quite what I expected, but we did have a good time with it, and it will get a lot more playtime. Well worth the money!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The packaging, colour, sound and sensation.
      Can't really feel the lower settings.
      Bottom line
      A very good buy for any kinksters.
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    1. Love Shock Baby

      Reviewed: 05 September 2011 by BashfulBabe, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Out of all the things I love, pain and shiny things come fairly top of the heap. Electric play has always intrigued me, and violet wands in particular have been on my lusting-after list for quite a while. However, the olde stylee refurbished wands run into the hundreds, and to be honest, are so tricksy with the wiring that it's a bit of a gamble unless you know really well the person doing the restoration and their rep (and the good ones rarely have 'budget' lines!). Plus there's the additional costs of sourcing extra attachments, blah blah blah... It's a big outlay, and my wallet is a little on the undernourished side.

      I'd used some Kinklab products before, and they do seem to have a position of 'accessible kink', making things that are unlikely to satisfy the more extreme members of the BDSM scene, but are cheaper than most, very beginner-friendly, and the kind of thing that's not so 'newbie'-aimed as to be discarded if you're more than an idle dabbler.

      One of the most important parts of the kit is actually the box. Honestly, it sounds silly, but when you think about how delicate the glass attachments are, you really do want to know that they're not just rattling around getting chipped and damaged. More so than most sex toys, as a chip here could be genuinely dangerous. Remember, gentle or not, this is still electricity we're talking about, and it's not really the kind of thing you want to take chances with! The case is satisfactory, shaped sponge with space for all the parts, and a magnet-lock on the lid. But it's not great, there's a good amount of wiggle room in the slots for the attachments, and the section for the wand itself doesn't really fit it and the plug all that easily. It's safe for storage, and it's so well packed that I wouldn't have any concerns about it post-delivery - but still be sure to give them a thorough check over, and make use of Lovehoney's awesome refund/exchange policy if there's any causes for concern! - but I do feel like if I was carting it around I'd need to pack it myself, if only for my own peace of mind.

      The wand handset itself is what they refer to as a 'solid state device'. Roughly translated, that means that it's securely packed, so there's no wires rattling around getting damaged or sending surges here and there. It's got a bit of weight to it, bit it fits comfortably in my hand and gives a sense of security that it's not going to break or explode or anything. There's very little to it: the cable comes out one end, the attachments slip neatly into the other, and there's the power dial at the cable end. I didn't like how the power dial has no settings as such, just a sliding scale - Off to Max - as it'd be nice to gauge exactly where someone's preferred level was and go back to that without faffing, but that's a minor issue. It did reassure me the way it 'clicks' on or off, so you can be sure that it's off and not just very very very low before plugging it in or changing attachments or what have you.

      The attachments look incredibly flimsy, to the point that I was scared to touch them for fear they'd shatter! But, while they are glass and thus not to be kicked about the place, they're sturdy enough to withstand the pressure needed to slip them in or out of the handset. One thing that's mentioned in the booklet is the option of getting additional attachments, and while they refer to a Kinklab branded body contact attachment, I haven't been able to source one anywhere, not even on their own site. That may be in the works. If you are looking to get more attachments, they do tend to be standard sized, but do your homework first: there's a tiny difference between US and EU standard sizing, so small you will not be able to tell by looking (Kinklab do both versions, but LH are selling the EU one, so that's what you need to look for). There have also been reports of people selling inferior quality attachments on the internet. You should be perfectly safe sticking to the attachments in the kit - there's a decent variety - but if you are looking to move on, don't go blindly.

      When using the wand, I tried first playing with it from a visual perspective, just to get comfy with it. Turning the power up and down was interesting, as both the hum and the glow kept pace. I have to say, neither was very impressive below the halfway mark, even in the dark in silence. But when on full throttle, it looked and sounded a little scary. The threat of it makes a partner/victim much more receptive to the shock, so playing about with it before zapping them should not be underestimated! It does make a nice little crackle when arching - again, only really noticeable on the upper half of the power dial - so there's no fear of it losing its intimidation factor too much before use. I know the first few times I went to zap myself, just the aural cue made me leap away as if bitten, even though I wasn't feeling any actual pain.

      It does mention that it "does not quite reach the sometimes painful levels that traditional electric ray wands can" in the brochure, and to be honest just from the price and the brand reputation I wasn't expecting it to be as intense as some of those I'd seen used with extreme pain in mind. I was still a little disappointed at just how gentle it was, but then both myself and my OH enjoy pain, so perhaps my standards are just a little off. At the lowest setting, it took several seconds of steady 'zapping' to get a tingling sensation, and at the highest, it was about as powerful as the standard static shock I'd often get from the car door or stairway railings. It also needed to be quite close to the skin to arch, which is a bit of an issue, as it removes the option of increasing intensity by increasing the distance of the 'jump' as with traditional wands, as well as making it incredibly easy to lose momentum as a slight squirm could make contact between the electrode and the skin, stopping it from arching.

      The real beauty of the wand comes from what you do when you turn it off. Despite the lack of excessive pain from the zapping itself, the whole process does wake up all the nerves, and make the skin that has been affected extra sensitive. Using it before moving on to a session of spanking, or further sensory play, will make it all the more intense. At one point, having been rather enthusiastic using it on myself (I'm a firm believer of sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander, I like to know what I'm doing to someone else!), I gave my very tingly thigh a slap. It felt the same as if someone gave me a crack when I have pins and needles after lying on my leg wrong! So there is definite scope for pain, just it comes from combining the wand with 'mild discomfort' play. Stopping using the wand before the area becomes 'spiky' still means that sensations are intensified, so if pain's not your thing, using it before a massage or more sensory play could add a whole new dimension things. Personally, I'll be using it more as a build-up, almost a prep-tool, as between the psychological aspect of building fear, and the physiological intensifying whatever lies beyond, it's great for getting the most out of whatever I'd be doing normally. But in and of itself, it's rather underwhelming.

      All in all, it's worth the price tag. Most of the time, you'd pay about the same for the attachments alone, and assuming you move on, then the fact that it can take the traditional attachments and use them with modern (safe) wiring, or the attachments from this kit used with a refurbished wand (assuming the correct voltage/sizing of course!), means it is more than a decent investment regardless of whether you'd want to move on or not.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, safe and clean, no need for additional bits.
      A bit weaker than I'd have liked.
      Bottom line
      Great for lighting up nerves before play, but too weak to stand alone.
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