1. Romantic Vows 72 Activity Cards

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      1. Romantic Vows 72 Activity Cards

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    1. Product Description

      Give your relationship an injection of romance with this collection of sensual suggestions, playful surprises and loving acts. Each vow promises a romantic treat for your lover and with 72 reusable activity cards there's a whole lotta love in store.

      Romantic vows are a great way to either reward your lover or to simply express that you're in the mood for romance. It's up to you - you can take turns exchanging vows or you can surprise your lover by hiding the vows in places where they are sure to find them.

      Examples include:

      I vow to run my fingers through your hair and massage your scalp.

      I vow to kiss your naked backside.

      I vow to write a love letter and then read it to you.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Romantic Vows 72 Activity Cards 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

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      1. Romantic Vows 72 Activity Cards
      2. Romantic Vows 72 Activity Cards

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    1. Keep the passion burning

      Reviewed: 31 August 2013 by LetsTryThis, a Straight Married Female

      After enjoying months of romance and passion we decided that we needed something to help keep those fires burning and to stop day to day grown-up life from interfering.

      I looked at the various I.O.U. type of cards/vouchers but they didn't really appeal to me because there wasn't enough variation. I was interested in the concept of the Lover's Choice 52 Weeks of Naughty Nights Second Edition Card Game but reading the reviews on the quality of the product I wasn't sold on it. So instead I decided to make our own version.

      I ordered these Romantic Vows cards with a Lovehoney drawstring bag and we are going to pull two out a week (one each) and then do the instruction at some point during that week, without telling each other what our mission is, or when we're going to do it. :)

      The anticipation will be great and it will remind us of how amazing things can be when we make time for each other and don't allow daily stresses to get in the way.

      Okay so onto the review of these cards. The cards themselves are folded cards (think birthday card with the fold at the top). This is great because it means you can select a card without your partner having any sneaky peeks.

      So whether you're prolonging the act as we are, or whether you're using them in quick succession as a night of romance, there will still be an element of surprise. The card used is good quality, and I'm sure they would last quite a while so you could use them over and over.

      The cards themselves measure approximately 7.5cm x 7.5cm and fit easily inside the small Lovehoney drawstring bag. (Even if you aren't using them how we are I'd still recommend getting a bag for them as after a few uses I think the box would become tatty). The great thing about the size of the cards is they will fit in our purse and wallet so will remind us of our missions, at the same time keeping them safe from prying eyes.

      Onto the 'missions' themselves. Before we started to play with them we both sat down and read every single card and discarded those that we didn't want to do (give or receive) or just couldn't practically do. For us (fairly mainstream couple) there weren't that many we discarded (bearing in mind this is a 'romantic' set of cards, they aren't designed to push boundaries). We discarded:

      5 cards that involved food products;

      4 cards to do with writing love notes etc;

      4 cards to do with serving food;

      2 impractical cards that we don't/can't do - making a bubble bath; and pulling sickies;

      2 serenading/dancing cards;

      1 card that said kissing toes;

      So out of 72 cards there were only 18 that we didn't feel comfortable with (or that we both couldn't do). The cards that are left can be divided up loosely as follows (I've tried to be vague with some of them so I don't ruin any surprises but at the same time give you an idea for the great variety that you will find in these cards).

      13 cards - kissing

      12 cards - massaging/caressing

      7 cards - making love

      4 cards - teasing our bodies

      4 cards - talking romantically/sharing fantasies

      4 cards - going out/dinner

      3 cards - creating atmosphere

      2 cards - getting naked

      5 other cards - surprise gift; greeting the other; cuddling; pillow fight; playing a game.

      I think this pack of cards is perfect for recreating/keeping hold of romance. Don't buy this, or don't buy this alone, if you want more passion. We're going to be adding to our 'experience' by getting the Bedroom Vows pack when they come back in stock to get more of a variety between romance and passion.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The wide variety of vows. Something for everyone.
      Bottom line
      Great for building a night of romance or for surprising each other.
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    1. Romantic cards

      Reviewed: 20 June 2013 by Nayy, a Straight Engaged Female

      I decided to buy these to help my partner as he wanted some help with romantic gestures. So he didn't feel left out I used them too.

      There really are some brilliant ideas in there. We pick one at random and then that way it's fairer and a complete surprise.

      They are great for everything from wanting a little help to making a weekend to remember.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      How many different ideas there are.
      Nothing, it's an amazing product.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant 10/10.
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    1. Just A Bit Of Fun

      Reviewed: 23 October 2011 by The Happy Couple

      Presented in a nice little blue box, there are 72 cards within, each containing a vow to give to your partner along the lines of 'I vow to wake you up with kisses', or 'I vow to take you out for a special "Date Night"'. None of them are too risqué, although some have a longer time span than others ('I vow to make love to you every night for a week' vs. 'I vow to kiss your naked backside').

      We picked cards at random for a week and then fulfilled the vows, but obviously you can go through together and just pick the ones you want, or divide them in half and then pick in the order you want etc.

      We can't see this lasting more than a week or so to begin with, so it's not exactly a long-term sex enhancer, but it was fun to do, and it's something you can always go back to.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      72 cards so plenty of choice. Nothing too outrageous.
      Not something you're going to keep doing after a week or so.
      Bottom line
      A fun way of entertaining each other.
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