1. CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

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      1. CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

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    1. Product Description

      The ultimate male chastity device - but smaller! The CB-6000 is renowned for its ease of use and amazing security, but some have found that the length is a little too much. This short version has a cage length of 2.5 inches for the perfect fit.

      Made of smooth polycarbonate plastic with finished seams for the most comfortable fit, the CB-6000s is the ultimate in comfort for smaller chaps. Designed for long term wear while remaining comfortable and secure, this chastity device is packed with features to enhance your chastity cage play.

      The CB-6000s Difference

      - Three interlocking pieces that fit together as one complete device.

      - Two guide pins hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring.

      - The hinge has been removed for added comfort.

      - Improved locking mechanism.

      - Completely redesigned cage for long term comfort and fit.

      - Vented slots and bottom opening allows use at urinals.

      - Smaller cage for a more comfortable fit and to ensure security.

      Sizing: The rings come in 5 sizes: 1.5", 1 5/8", 1.75", 1 7/8" and 2" diameters. The cage length is 2.5" with an inside diameter of 1 3/8".

      Package Contents:

      1 Cage Portion

      5 Rings of Different Sizes

      4 Locking Pins

      4 Spacers

      1 Brass Padlock with 2 Keys

      5 Individually numbered plastic locks

      1 Sleek storage case (zippered and embossed)

    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 2.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Fastening: Lock and key
      • Material: Plastic
      • Supplier Material: Polycarbonate
      • Contains latex: No

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    Customer Reviews

    CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (33 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Comfortable

      Reviewed: 14 August 2015 by acuk

      This is the second chastity device I have used, and though more expensive I have found it more practical in every day use.

      The CB comes with a nice storage bag, plastic locks, lube and the padlock.

      The bag is nice and well made, and very useful as you need somewhere to keep all the spare parts.

      The plastic locks are a nice touch for bath/shower times or anywhere with security like airports.

      The padlock is also good quality. It's a Master brand and feels well made, if a little chunky.

      The lube isn't really needed, as I prefer my penis to be dry inside the device and find an old stocking gets it in easy.

      The main reason I got this was the range of sizes, and there is where it works well. While it won't be perfect, you can get fairly close, and I have found this is key if you want to wear one for a longer time. This has allowed me to keep the device on all day and get a relatively good night's sleep.

      The cage being shorter is great as I'm more of a grower, and this gives me almost no growing room so the device starts to work as soon as I start to get hard.

      Being locked in this for any length of time presents a few issues. One is chafing, the other hygiene.

      To prevent chafing, especially at night, some baby oil around the base ring has worked very well for me, and I only get a little discomfort when very excited. But that is kind of the point.

      Hygiene is a lot harder. However and if you are uncut, I find removal once a day for a quick clean essential, but your milage may value.

      Security offered by this device is as good as any ball trap device, and while you can pull out if very flaccid, this is true of any similar device. If you want it to be escape-proof, from what I have read you need a very expensive belt.

      Overall, I am very happy with the device, and it has moved our chastity experience up a few levels.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Range of size, comfort.
      Tricky to assemble first few times.
      Bottom line
      Very well made device, and practical for every day use.
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    1. Brilliant piece of kit

      Reviewed: 17 June 2015 by Chastitysubman, a Bisexual Married Male

      Had the previous model, but didn't use it much, partly because it was a bit unattractive.

      This model is wonderful.

      I wear it whenever I am told to. Our deal is at least half the time, with a minimum of five days and a maximum of a fortnight. Maximum time off is four days. Other people will have different limits, but I would suggest at least a couple of days as a first try.

      It is really comfortable to wear, to the extent I will often forget it is on. Then it will brush against my clothes, or I will be teased, and the automatic stiffy will start, only to be frustrated, a really exciting sexual feeling.

      The plastic locks are great for avoiding questions at airport security!

      The padlock and keys are both discreet. The key looks good on my partner's necklace, and is a great conversation starter.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      It is so comfortable to wear, and discreet under even tightish trousers.
      Replacement plastic locks are a bit pricey.
      Bottom line
      The best toy we have ever bought.
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    1. Surprisingly comfortable and frustratingly fun

      Reviewed: 13 May 2015 by LoverOfDeep

      Had the desire to buy a CB6000 for over a year now and have always loved the idea of being locked up but never had a partner to play out this fantasy.

      Fortunately for me, I have recently fallen in love with the perfect partner and we have been experimenting with fantasies and eventually had the courage to bring up this, and she was all for it!

      Bought the item on a Sunday night and it arrived on Tuesday in the usual LH discreet packaging.

      We received a free care kit that came with extra plastic locks, a sex toy cleaning solution and a satin drawstring bag. Really chuffed about the extra 10 locks, as I'll explain later.

      The mechanism is fairly basic in structure but can be a pain to get on due to inevitable arousal. I started with the biggest spacer and biggest ring and have found this to be adequate for now. I want to use the next size down ring but my balls ended up turning blue, so just stuck with the larger one for now!

      Once this device is on it's surprising how comfortable it is. I got the smaller cage as people had stated is was far more comfortable for every day use, and they weren't wrong. My flaccid length is about 3-4 inches and erect is 6 and it fits fine for me. I have mine on for the second time and it's been about 2 hours and have yet to feel like it needs to come off.

      The first time we put on the device we used the padlock, which leaves you feeling so helpless. The unfortunate thing is that it is very bulky and so very noticeable under clothing. This is where the plastic locks make a big difference, as they don't show any telling signs at all, so getting an extra 10 in the care kit was a big bonus.

      When getting an erection, I don't feel any pain or anything, it just feels like I'm aroused. The difference comes when you want to do something about it and you can't! Frustrating doesn't cut it. Can't imagine how it will feel after a longer time.

      She is going on a few holidays this summer and has said I need to be locked up whilst she is away (a week at a time). I'm so excited to try it out for that long. I just hope it fits snug under my work clothes!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Very comfortable. Easy to work out how to use. Very fun for couples.
      It is a bit pricey.
      Bottom line
      A fun product for couples. Definitely recommend.
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    1. Locked in CB6000s

      Reviewed: 29 April 2015 by Cagedboy, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Decided to buy a CB6000s to compliment my steel chastity cage. On opening the packaging my first thought was wow it's really small. Now I consider myself an average size, not massive but not small either. I really thought I will never get into this.

      Having found a good size of ring from using the steel cage, I decided to start here with the same size of ring for the CB6000s. The ring was snug and a good fit, although it's easy to catch your skin and hair if you have any. Will probably remove the hair next time I'm allowed to take the cage off. Next step was to put the cage on. This required a little bit of lube and it slid on without any issues. My OH put the lock on and and that was me caged.

      I have to say it's an amazing fit. The small version is just perfect for me and it totally restricts erections. It is extremely comfortable and I can forget that I am wearing it.

      I would highly recommend this to any one who is wanting to try chastity.

      Wearing a cage for a prolong period is an interesting concept. I love my OH teasing me for periods of her choice. We have been experimenting with milking while wearing the cage, which leaves me extremely frustrated, which itself is an amazing feeling as I am always looking forward to my OH letting me out.

      Wearing it also makes me want to please my OH in any which way she chooses. It really does add another side to our sex life.

      We love it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Perfect fit.
      Bottom line
      Excellent product. Wish I had bought it first.
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    1. Comfortable from the first moment

      Reviewed: 18 February 2015 by JC57, a Straight Married Male

      My wife and I had been thinking about chastity devices for a while, both for spicing up the martial sex life and inhibiting a rather regular masturbation habit. Now I can only get an erection and cum when my wife agrees. It’s a great product for controlling erections on medium sized penises, the plastic locks fit well and the clear plastic allows for viewing, which my wife enjoys.

      Fits great, I found it comfortable from the very first time I wore it and I can be worn around in public without any pinching etc. I am not that big when flaccid (3" flaccid), so the CB6000S is a perfect option and makes it undetectable under clothing if you want to wear this over a few days. There is enough space for another half an inch or more when relaxed, so any bigger would have been the wrong choice.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Size. Comfort. Quality.
      Swap metal lock for the plastic ones.
      Bottom line
      Very sexually frustrating, just like it's supposed to be.
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
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