1. Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator 6.5 Inch

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      1. Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator 6.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Whether you're a sex toy beginner or full time aficionado of the good things in life, Tracey Cox's Power Vibrator is designed to satisfy, with power to die for, a sleek, non-threatening shape and size and rounded tip to tease your clitoris.

      "When we call this the 'power vibe' we mean it! The vibrations are STRONG! It's a great all-rounder: great for penetration and clitoral play - and perfect for holding it on the side of your mouth while giving him oral sex." - Tracey Cox

      Classic in shape with mighty strong vibration speeds, play time with this classic sex toy beauty comes in many forms. Its smooth tip is perfectly suited to direct clitoral stimulation, while its firm, sleek length lends itself to sensational internal stimulation. Your partner's testes or perineum can also be in the running for a spot of powerful caressing.

      Water-based lube is the only accessory needed for extra slippery sensations.

      *NB: Please do NOT remove the cardboard from inside your Pleasure Vibe. The cardboard provides a better fit for the batteries and makes it easier to remove them.

      Key Features:

      • Classic vibrator with multiple vibration speeds for external and internal massages
      • Made from smooth and sleek skin-safe plastic
      • Easy-to-use twist base
      • Suitable for internal and external stimulation
      • 100% waterproof
      • Ideal for solo or shared play
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 1.25
      • Circumference: 4.1 inches
      • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches
      • Length: 7.75 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Smooth Coated Plastic
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x C batteries
      • Controller Type: Built in - twist base
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds

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    1. Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibe

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      Strong, simple and couple-friendly! This ultra-powerful vibrator has been developed between Tracey Cox and Lovehoney to improve solo masturbation and enliven your sex life. Smooth to the touch and designed to please.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator 6.5 Inch 69 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator 6.5 Inch
      2. Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator 6.5 Inch

        Only: £14.99

    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 30 November 2016 by Robbieswife

      Toys are something I never thought of using. But to spice things up in the bedroom I thought I'd give it a go.

      Hubby and me were going away for the night for his birthday. I was quite nervous as had never used a vibe and didn't know what to expect. And boy I wasn't disappointed.

      I used it for clitoral stimulation and instantly I was soaking wet. My husband penetrated me and I used this on my clit and oh my Lord. Never had an orgasm like it. I saw stars!

      And since enjoyed solo play with it and never fails to give me an amazing orgasm within a few minutes. The first setting on it do me fine.

      Easy to clean, nice and smooth, fantastic, will definitely buy Tracey Cox products again!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Smooth, Easy to clean, and the earth-shattering orgasms it gives me!
      Nothing it's fab, cant say enough about it. Also great value for money
      Bottom line
      Excellent. Worth the money and the pleasure.
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    1. The Enforcer

      Reviewed: 22 November 2016 by VirginAngel, a Straight Going Steady Female

      You know those action films where there's a bunch of tough dudes and one is a big, muscle-bound tank of a man? In the world of classic vibrators, that's this guy!

      I decided to buy this vibrator as a step up in girth and length to my previous classic vibrator. Despite the increase being only about an inch in both circumference and length, I was quite prepared for just how big this vibrator was going to be!

      The quality is second to none, the plastic has a very silky soft feel to it, with no snagging, just effortless gliding over the skin. The base is made of a durable plastic too, it doesn't feel flimsy when you unscrew to put in the batteries.

      I overlooked the fact it took C batteries so had to order those separately as I didn't have any in the house, its predecessor was a pair of AA's, but my goodness, is there a massive increase in power!

      I've tried several classic and bullet style vibrators and always found the vibrations to be a bit buzzy, that can make my hand feel numb. Oh no, not with this guy. This vibe has so much more power than I expected. It's a very deep, rumbling type of vibration that took me totally by surprise. With the added bonus that with the power staying within the toy, it's much less noisy than a typical classic or bullet style vibrator. It's so powerful in fact, that I can go from unaroused to orgasm in literally a minute when used direct on my clitoris. Hence why I nicknamed it the Enforcer, and why it is my go to toy when I just want to have a no fuss orgasm that doesn't require a lot of build up to reach.

      I must sing the praises of the fact this toy is labelled waterproof and actually is waterproof! I've had so much trouble with waterproof toys leaking and getting water in and dying despite being careful to ensure they are fully fastened, but this toy has a very good quality rubber sealing ring to prevent water getting in.

      The only downside I've noticed is that whilst the first set of batteries lasted a good while without any reduction in power, subsequent sets have only lasted half as long. This might be the toy, or it might be that I bought 3 sets of 2x C batteries at the same time and they've lost some of their power before I've come to use them.

      In a nutshell, it's a very powerful vibrator, especially for a battery operated toy. The vibrations carry well and are very deep impacting, whilst also being whisper quiet.

      I'd recommend this to anyone who is a little disappointed with the typical vibrations from a battery operated classic or bullet style toy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Deep rumbly vibrations, whisper quiet, smooth comfortable-to-use materials.
      Maybe uses up batteries a little quicker than a typical toy of similar style.
      Bottom line
      It's a brilliant addition to any collection on a smaller budget.
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    1. A timeless classic

      Reviewed: 21 July 2016 by Little-Bunny, a Gay Going Steady Female

      As someone new to these vibes, I wanted something pretty basic to start me off.

      This vibe is classic and very nice to use. It feels wonderful to hold and has a nice weight to it once the batteries are in. The insertable length is perfect and can easily be controlled, along with the vibration speed, which I found to be a lovely touch. You can go from a very soft vibration to a deep rumble in one swift move with no awkward fiddling for buttons.

      It's not my go-to toy, but when I'm in the mood for something a little bigger this hits the spot perfectly.

      I've enjoyed this for a year now and it's still going strong.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great size, multiple speeds, powerful.
      Bottom line
      A powerful classic, perfect for anyone.
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    1. No frills but big thrills

      Reviewed: 08 July 2016 by 123itsMe, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My BFF bought this for me a while ago (yes, she really is my best friend forever for getting me this gift) and it has been my go-to vibe whenever I want a guaranteed orgasm. This really does deliver every single time without fail. I have tried many other toys and none of them give me the results this one does.

      It is no frills, no fuss, the shape is classic, the feel is simple and smooth. When I first saw it I thought it a little on the large side for straight up penetration, but at times I have surprised myself with it - I guess it just depends on how into it I feel at the time. But to be honest the deep rumbly vibrations it gives make ''getting into it' not too difficult at all!

      The only criticism I have of it is that it seems to have grown noisier over time. But then again, it could just be that I have used it so much I have worn the motor out a bit. A definite possibility!

      I highly recommend this vibrator, for me it has been a life saver at times!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Deep rumbling vibrations, more powerful than other vibes I have tried.
      A little bit noisy.
      Bottom line
      Amazing value for money, value in every sense.
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    1. Excellent quality and great vibes

      Reviewed: 15 June 2016 by jj5678, a Straight Married Male

      I surprised my wife with this as she had never used a vibrator before (what sort of boyfriends did she have?) and it was with curious eyes that she looked at it upon presentation.

      We both thought the finish and weight felt fantastic, and when we put it to use she discovered that it wasn't just a pretty looking vibrator but a real orgasm machine. We used it for a very, very, very long time, and when I went to the kitchen I returned to find her using it on herself alone. Success!

      She loves it, totally loves it! Loves the colour, the texture, the shape, size, and thinks the vibration control dial is easy to use and extremely effective. We use it vaginally and anally on her with huge success and will definitely be purchasing more items from the Tracey Cox line of toys in the future.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      High quality, strong vibrations, sexy look.
      Bottom line
      Top-quality vibrator.
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