1. kats eyes's review of SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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      1. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      SaSi is a revolutionary rechargeable sex toy that offers a unique combination of movement and vibration beneath a soft silicone skin that creates a caress like oral sex. With almost endless patterns, SaSi lets you have it your way - again and again.

      Featuring a revolutionary undulating massaging head that combines with vibrations to deliver ultimate satisfaction, its smooth massaging ball circles under a soft silicone skin, while vibrating and pulsating to create unique caresses and sheet-clenching stimulation.

      Just like a good lover, SaSi is capable of giving a different experience every time, and will learn and remember the movements you love best. Because SaSi learns what you like while you use it, every time you switch-on, you're guaranteed your favourite turn-on.

      It has 5 patterns of movement with a choice of numerous vibration styles and speeds to go with it.

      It has 2 modes - 'Customise' and 'Favourites'. 'Customise' gives you 20 second samples of each pattern and function (in numerous combinations) and allows you to choose which ones you like best. 'Favourites' remembers which patterns, speeds and functions you like then gives them to you at a touch of a button.

      It has a unique 'Don't Stop' button, so when you find something you absolutely love you can really go to town without worrying about it switching to another one accidentally.

      SaSi comes pre-loaded with what the inventor calls 'Sensual Intelligence', which customises the orgasm experience just for you. It learns what you like and what you don't like - and then remembers for future enjoyment.

      Splashproof, fully rechargeable and beautifully packaged.

      But don't just take our word for it - here's what leading sex experts say about the SaSi;

      FleshbotLux Alptraum, of Fleshbot writes: "From the top side, the SaSi looks a bit like a sleek, wireless mouse. Flip it over, however, and its true nature is revealed. You'll see a small bump, and it's this bump that makes all the difference. It kicks into action when you turn the SaSi on, moving along the clit as fast or as slow as you wish: it moves sideways, it moves in circles, it moves up and down. Most importantly, it places pressure (not vibration, but pressure) directly on or around the clit. As you may have guessed, it pretty closely simulates getting head. Try getting a Hitachi Magic Wand to do that. But that's not all: in addition to the movements of its magic bump, the SaSi is also capable of vibrating in a traditional style. With the push of a different button, the body of the SaSi starts rocking and rolling. Vibration can be increased or decreased, or set to a variety of pulse patterns. If you can imagine a small tongue moving just the way you like that's connected to a flat, vibrating head ... well, that's pretty much what the SaSi is like. In other words, it's awesome."

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      Ann Andriani of All Sex ReviewsAnn Andriani of All Sex Reviews says: "I love the SaSi because it gives us women options. We can start slow and amp up the stimulation as we desire, it's not just high and low or fast or slow. There's enough of a range in the vibrations and in the movements of the nub that you can really customize this vibe to give you exactly what you want. So is it worth that kind of cash? Well the SaSi offers women a very unique pleasure experience between the oral sex simulation of the nub and the incredibly strong vibrations. You can program it to do exactly what you want it to do. It's made of high quality, safe materials for us to use on our bodies and is extremely discreet for use, travel and storage. As long as you care for it properly, it should last you quite some time. I think the folks at Je Joue have thought of just about everything and to me, all those features that work very well is worth that price. This could quite possibly be my favorite masturbation toy!."

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      Sex Expert Tracey CoxSex Expert Tracey Cox tested SaSi for LoveHoney. She says: "The world's first truly intelligent vibrator, the SaSi remembers what you like and what you don't. Not only that, the sensation is radically different to the norm. It's gentler and so perfect for women with a sensitive clitoris who find traditional vibrators too intense."

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      1. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator
      2. kats eyes's review of SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Absolutely licking tremendous!

      Reviewed: 08 June 2009 by kats eyes

      My gorgeous man got me this for Christmas and at first I thought, oh god, just another vibrator... Anyway, it sat in its box till he went back home (we have a long distance relationship) and one night he asked me if I'd tried it yet, which I hadn't.

      So while we were on the phone, I got busy with it. I have to say, I found it a slow burn, but once I got the hang of it, OH. MY. GOD. It was like he was back in the room with me! I was practically screaming the house down.

      Both he and I are so impressed! Most vibrators are much of a muchness, (I have to admit I find the rabbits too powerful for me) but this is so gentle and teasing - save your pennies up and buy one! Now!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Totally simulates the most fantastic oral sex you ever had!
      Takes a while to get used to the controls
      Bottom line
      Licks better than most men do...!
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