1. Sliquid Sassy Glycerin-Free Anal Lubricant 125ml

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      1. Sliquid Sassy Glycerin-Free Anal Lubricant 125ml

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    1. Product Description

      The safest, most natural anal lube on the market today!

      Based on the succesful Sliquid H2O formula, Sassy is infused with additional plant cellulose to create a thick and luxurious anal lubricant gel that stays in place, and adds an extra layer of padding for much more comfortable and pleasurable anal sex.

      Water-based, 100% glycerin-free, paraben-free (parabens are the chemical preservatives found in many lubes) and vegan to boot!

      Sliquid Sassy uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent, instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives that can cause yeast infections in sensitive women.

      Sliquid Sassy is not flavoured or scented, and is non-staining and extremely easy to clean up.

      All Sliquid products are formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women, and will never cause yeast infections or UTI's.

      Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

    1. Essential info

      • Bottle type: Squeeze
      • Condom safe: Yes
      • Veggie suitable: Yes
      • Contains aspartame: No
      • Contains glycerine: No
      • Contains paraben: No
    2. How it feels

      • Lubricant type: Water based
      • Lubricant function: Anal sex
    3. What it costs

      • Volume: 125 ml

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    Customer Reviews

    Sliquid Sassy Glycerin-Free Anal Lubricant 125ml 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (66 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. My favourite lube

      Reviewed: 20 September 2015 by Unicorn101, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I can not get enough of this lube, I tried it out using my Oh! points, and I was absolutely happy with it. Bought it on a whim and it's the best lube I've had.

      This is good for all sexual encounters, oral, vaginal, anal... and a bit of spit or water keeps it going which is the best part.

      A little goes a hell of a long way, makes that combo of a hand job and oral together even better. Gave my partner multiple leg shaking orgasms when I use this during foreplay.

      There's no smell or taste to it.

      I recommend this 500%

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Bottom line
      Great lube.
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    1. My exclusive anal lube

      Reviewed: 19 July 2015 by PrincessPreviews, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I love Sliquid. Their paraben and glycerine-free products are safe for even sensitive types like me, and when I was looking into buying some, Sassy was recommended to me by many different people!

      Sassy is a very thick lube, which is what makes it so perfect for anal play. It creates a sort of cushion for whatever surface it is on. When applied to a non-flat surface, it runs slowly and stays together well, so it doesn't run onto your hands or drip off the toy. It is long lasting as well, which also makes it a great vaginal lubricant.

      Sassy has an almost semen-like consistency, smells amazing, and has no taste. If wiped away, it leaves no residue, as if it wasn't there at all.

      Sassy makes anal play so much easier than any other lube I have tried it with before. It is also perfect for vaginal lubricant since it is long lasting and goes a long way.

      The bottle design feels and looks silk and smooth. The bottle is tinted pink slightly so it gives the appearance of coloured lubricant, and the small 125ml bottle fits neatly in my hand or into my underwear drawer. The tops are push and squeeze.

      When my 125ml bottle runs out I will be upgrading to 255ml as this is the best lubricant I have ever tried.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      It's really thick and long-lasting, plus it stays together and doesn't run.
      Would have preferred a pump bottle top, otherwise there were no faults.
      Bottom line
      Perfect anal lube, and a great vaginal lube!
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    1. Gorgeous

      Reviewed: 18 June 2015 by Txurri, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This is an amazing lube. Sliquid is a great brand that understands female sensitivities to added chemicals and goes with as few ingredients as possible.

      I like all their lubes, but the Sassy in particular, because it is thick and very long-lasting. Though it is meant as an anal lube and works great for that purpose, this is one of my favourite lubes, because it won't easily go sticky as so many water-based lubes do. As with all water-based Sliquid lubes, if that happens a splash of water will just bring it back to life.

      I really like how it feels and a little goes a long way. It feels sweetly slippery and also works great for oral sex, because it's taste-free and stays a long time on my helping hands.

      Furthermore, it does not stain, and clean-up is a breeze.

      If you are looking for a very clean but great all-round lube, you won't be disappointed by this.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Nicely thick, non sticky, taste-free, non staining, gorgeous feeling.
      Bottom line
      Great all-rounder. Love it!
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    1. Perfection

      Reviewed: 27 May 2015 by Roxie Lola, a Bisexual Single Female

      This is quite honestly the best lube I've ever come across.

      I have incredibly sensitive skin that can react negatively to almost anything, but somehow this lube manages to keep my skin calm and get the job done.

      Although it's technically an anal lubricant, I use it everywhere. I prefer the consistency to most vaginal lubes out there, probably because it's thick enough to get on your fingers without instantly getting it everywhere else as well.

      Pleasantly scent-free, only the mildest of tastes (which I still can't place, but it has no chemical after-taste and isn't unpleasant on your tongue), and doesn't leave skin feeling uncomfortably sticky.

      You only need a few drops to reach a pleasant level of slickness, and only once have I ever needed to use more - and that was during a particularly rough and lengthy session.

      I recommend this lube to almost every person I meet with good reason: it's an absolute miracle.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Perfect viscosity.
      Absolutely nothing.
      Bottom line
      Reigning champion of lubes.
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    1. Nice thick lube

      Reviewed: 17 April 2015 by Kimberleyking , a Straight Engaged Female

      Sassy is a water-based lube, which is made like the H20, but extra plant cellulose is added to make it extra thick. It is designed for anal use.

      However, I just love the thickness and prefer to use this rather than the H20.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The thickness.
      Bottom line
      Thick water-based lube!
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