1. "...forget everything you thought a rabbit vibrator was"
      Lovehoney Community Member: Tupperwareheart
      "I was rooted to the bed, unable to move after the experience...One of the best rabbits I’ve ever used."
      Sex Toy Blogger: Ness
      "This rabbit is extremely quiet! It's one of the quietest sex toys we have ever tested..."
      Sex Toy Bloggers: Steve and Roxy
      "...the combination of the vibrations internally and externally via the ears was enough to easily tip me over the edge"
      Sex Toy Bloggers: Lucy and Alex
      "...so very different to any rabbit I have ever owned, there really is no comparison"
      Sex Toy Blogger: MidnightBlondii
    1. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit - the rabbit, reinvented

      Discover the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit - the rechargeable rabbit vibrator you won’t find on the high street.

      Originally made famous by Sex and the City back in 1998, the rabbit vibrator is the world’s favourite style of vibrator. Based on feedback from thousands of customer reviews of earlier models, Lovehoney presents the Happy Rabbit - stronger, quieter and better than ever.

    1. Happy Rabbit Features

      The Happy Rabbit ticks every box on the rabbit vibrator wishlist: it’s powerful, quiet, made from smooth, supple silicone and it’s rechargeable. Simplicity outside and incredible design within is what makes this the ultimate vibrator.

    1. The Happy Rabbit is made of smooth, supple silicone

      The Happy Rabbit's sleek silicone makes for a luxurious, flexible shaft. Creating the perfect vibrator is not just about function, though. The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit is the iPhone of sex toys - it’ll look great on your bedside table!

    2. The Happy Rabbit is mains rechargeable

      Say goodbye to the cost and hassle of buying batteries. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit can be fully recharged in less than 6 hours and each charge gives 2 powerful hours of continuous, mind-blowing use.

    3. The Happy Rabbit is whisper quiet

      Women kept telling Lovehoney that they want less noise from their rabbit vibrators. We've made Happy Rabbit to be whisper quiet, even at the most powerful and continuous vibrations, so no-one can hear you using it.

    4. The Happy Rabbit has 3 powerful motors

      Gone are the swirly beads of old-fashioned rabbits, Happy Rabbit's unique design incorporates three powerful vibrating motors. One motor vibrates in the all-important rabbit ears while two in the shaft deliver waves of pleasure.