• Top 10 Gifts & Games for Better Foreplay

    1. If you're looking for a unique gift that will be truly appreciated and treasured, give your relationship the gift of incredible foreplay.

      In the age of night shifts, school runs and overtime, the pressure is on to fit in as much as we can into as little time as possible, but sex is not somewhere to cut corners. A quick rush and fumble and we're down to the deed? We think not!

      Coital speeding is a sexual happiness offence, so it's time to slow down the pace and learn to linger. If you're having issues with self control or find the idea of foreplay a disinteresting prelude to sex, then it's time to consider calling on a little outside help in the shape of these sexy gifts and games.

    1. 1. Blindfold: Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Blindfold

      Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold

    2. The simple blindfold holds the potential for so many pleasures, building anticipation and enhancing sensory awareness.

      Remember that scene in '9 1/2 Weeks' where Mickey Rourke feeds Kim Basinger all kinds of sexy foods? Recreating that level of high-octane sexuality is easier with the aid of one of these beautiful blindfolds. In fact, you can get away with all kinds of sexy surprises from a sensual massage to the introduction of a new toy.

      Made from silky-feel satin, the Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold (£10.00) is a firm favourite with Lovehoney customers. Designed for comfort and functionality, it incorporates long, sensual satin ties with an adjustable wire nose bridge to ensure absolute blackout during wear.

      "This is a beautiful, sensuous blindfold that is soft, comfortable, easy to use and fully adjustable. Highly recommended." - rose hip, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. 2. Massage Candle: Lelo Flickering Touch Candle

      Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g

      Set the scene with a massage candle and turn a good love-making session into a sensational one.

      Invite your partner into a beautifully prepared boudoir and surprise them with warm massage by candlelight. Light the wick and allow a pool of wax to melt then gently pour the scented oil onto you lover. The melting temperature is low, and the essential oils are both invigorating relaxing. Just let your hands do the work.

      There are two gorgeous Lelo candles available - Vanilla and Crème de Cacao and Black Pepper and Pomegranate (both £24.99).

      "This is worth its cost. No question. This is such a find, it's delicious, I love it! " - calliope, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 3. Feather Tickler: Sportsheets Ostrich Feather

      Sportsheets Ostrich Feather Tickler

      Feather ticklers are a gentle way to awaken the body and make it more sensitive.

      The light touch of the feather acts like a shiver of cold and will make all of those nerve endings pay attention to whatever happens next.

      When combined with a blindfold, your strokes and explorations will be delicious for your lover. Who said that tickling is torture?

      The Sportsheets Ostrich Feather Tickler (£12.99) is our best-seller, and has a single ostrich plume feather mounted in a holder and resemble a riding crop in style.

      "I would recommend this for all couples as it really is a very fun and sensual item." - Xarena, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 4. Rude Food: Lovehoney Chocolate Body Paint

      Lovehoney Chocolate Body Paint Tube 120g

      Is chocolate as good as sex? Well... it has high levels of phenylethylamine (PEA), which causes the body to release dopamine (a feel-good hormone) and also a small amount of adrenaline. Dopamine then elevates the levels of oxytocin in the body, a bonding hormone that is released when we kiss, hold hands, cuddle and get sexy together. You can expect to feel happier and relaxed (dopamine), with increased sensitivity to pleasant sensations (adrenaline) and more emotionally connected with your partner (oxytocin).

      So now you know why our Chocolate Body Paint (£5.99) is a best seller! Did we mention you can also lick it off your partner's naked body?

      "I was pleasantly surprised that this one actually did indeed taste like chocolate!" - CrimsonVixen, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. 5. Flavoured Lube: Lovehoney Assorted Pack

      Lovehoney Assorted Flavoured Lubricant Pack

      Flavoured lubes make your partner even more delicious, and trying a selection of flavours is a great way to encourage even more licking, sucking and teasing.

      The ultimate solution for the adventurous is the Lovehoney Assorted Flavoured Lubricant Pack (£5.99). Each sachet contains 5ml of lubricant which is more than enough for sinking your lover into the throws of oral ecstasy. With strawberry, cherry, passion fruit, peppermint and chocolate orange there's a whole world of sexual flavours to explore.

      "This pack is a must buy. Not only do you get to test a bunch of flavours, but the sachets are also ideal for slipping into handbags for naughty nights." - OUCH!, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 6. Sex Game: Foreplay in a Row

      Foreplay in a Row

      If you've been together a long time, a sex game will help you get back into extended foreplay.

      Dive into the deep end and lose your shyness with Foreplay in a Row (£12.99). This sexy version of a classic 2-player game challenges you to get four of your coloured discs in a row to win the game, but there's a feisty foreplay twist. Each counter has a sexy foreplay action including tie-up, shaving, oral sex, massage, dirty talk and ear nibbling. If you win the game, your partner must follow the instructions on each counter in whichever order they see fit.

      "What a fun twist on the original Connect 4 - I know which one I would rather have!" - Chloestead 1989, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 7. Orgasm Booster: Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel

      Durex Play O Female Orgasm Gel 15ml

      Female orgasm boosters are packed with ingredients that sensitise the 4,000 nerve endings in the clitoris.

      Apply Durex Play O (£14.99) during foreplay - blood rushes to your most pleasurable points, making them feel immediately more sensitive to the touch as the hot and cold tingles work their magic.

      In a gorgeous frosted glass bottle, it looks like a high-end cosmetic product and will bring a touch of luxury to her bedside drawer. A little goes a long way, with only the smallest amount needed to make a powerful difference to her sex life.

      "This works perfectly - makes her orgasm far more powerful." - Mr-Mrs-Sexy, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. 8. Delay Lube: Lovehoney Stay Longer Delay

      Lovehoney Stay Longer Delay Gel 100ml

      If you want to give your lover a night to remember then delay lube should be on your shopping list. It reduces his sensitivity to increase sexual stimulation, give a longer-lasting erection and a stronger climax. In a handy pump dispenser, all you need to do is apply a little before foreplay starts to feel the effect.

      It's easy to lose yourself to pleasure during foreplay, but applying a little Stay Longer Delay Lube (£5.99) before you and your partner get worked up together could extend the duration of your intimacy.

      "We definitely noticed a difference... it's most definitely worth it for the price." - icdj, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 9. Massage Oil: Swoon Massage in a Bottle

      Swoon Massage in a Bottle Massage Oil 125ml

      Erotic massage makes for great foreplay and is a natural progression towards sensational sex.

      This Swoon Massage in a Bottle Massage Oil (£14.99) is packed full of essential oils and is completely free from chemical additives and it has a sexy scent that is delightfully unisex.

      Take it in turns to offer each other 5-minute massages, letting your hands wander a little more each time. Building up pleasure awakens desire, excites every nerve in your body and also provides psychological stimuli as you wonder how far your partner will go when it’s your turn to receive.

      "It has a fruity, smooth sexy scent that has never failed to turn an innocent massage into more! " - jav_ski, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 10. Sex Dice: Lovehoney Sex Dice

      Lovehoney Sex Dice

      Sex dice invite you to try new things in your foreplay. The Lovehoney Sex Dice (£4.99) have a mixture of body parts and actions on each face. It's a simple and easy-to-play game that will gently tease and indulge your desires with increasing effect.

      Roll as many or as few as you like, but we recommend you start with one body dice and add an extra dice for each round that you play. Start off with a time limit of just one minute per action and increase this as the rounds go on, you'll soon be in the throes of foreplay ecstasy.

      "This is one of our favourite games to play when we want a little fun! We cannot fault this product one little bit. 10/10" - sexytime87, Lovehoney customer.

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