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    Slim and grey haired but still fun. Painted toe nails under foundary boots. Loves walking in wild places, cooking for friends, drinking wine, Would love to meet a fellow traveller. Would be happy to reveal more of my "Zity" side to the right lady!


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    10 Dec 2013 Toy Joy Pleasure Fountain Shower Attachment DildoToy Joy Pleasure Fountain Shower Attachment Dildo Too intense Thursday;s child 2 out of 10
    21 Nov 2013 Fun Factory Boosty Silicone Butt PlugFun Factory Boosty Silicone Butt Plug Super Boosty Thursday;s child 10 out of 10
    1 Jan 2013 Lelo Insignia Isla Luxury Waterproof VibratorLelo Insignia Isla Luxury Waterproof Vibrator Amazing Isla Thursday;s child 9 out of 10
    20 Apr 2012 Luxotiq Glass Butt PlugLuxotiq Glass Butt Plug Anal Joy Thursday;s child 9 out of 10
    12 Oct 2011 Fun Factory Bootie Butt PlugFun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Beautiful Bootie Thursday;s child 10 out of 10
    7 Oct 2011 Tantus Severin Silicone Large Ribbed Butt PlugTantus Severin Silicone Large Ribbed Butt Plug Fabulous Severin Thursday;s child 10 out of 10
    6 Oct 2011 Clean Stream Inflatable Enema Butt PlugClean Stream Inflatable Enema Butt Plug Clean stream Thursday;s child 6 out of 10


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    1 Oct 2013 How to be clean for anal play ?
    Try Shopholistic.  www.shopholistic.co.uk They sell Higginson's syringes and extension colon tubes. I prefer the Depezer Pattern...
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    12 Sep 2012 I need advice from someone who has given themselves an enema
    The basic difference between an enema and a colonic is that the first is a "batch" process - take it in, hold and release - while the latter...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    20 Apr 2012 fantasy combining medical and anal
    I must admit I love enemas and it would be amazing to meet a lady with similar interests. The process does not have to be messy! Take care now
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Oct 2011 Enema advice needed
    Hello,   May I suggest, if you are curious about enemas, and colonics, you have a look at Kristina Amelong’s web site...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Oct 2011 Enema advice needed
    I'm pleased that my post was of help. I was shown how to do this many years ago by a lovely lady in South Africa.  Why do I do them - first...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Oct 2011 Enema advice needed
    Create a private space either in a spacious bathroom or on a well draped floor or bed,  Insure no interruptions; turn off the phone, light...
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    3 Oct 2011 How do I satisfy his medical fetish
    Have a look at Zity.Biz.  He might just love an enema!  Take care now
    Sex Tips & Talk
    12 Sep 2010 Bananas
    Don't worry, they are always peeled!  Very green ones can go straight in with a little lubrication but the riper ones need a little...
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    10 Sep 2010 Bananas
    I found that it all came out when I pood - or al least I felt really clean inside!
    Sex Toys
    9 Sep 2010 Bananas
    Hello! Last night I came home from work really stressed - a bad day and then my mum (82 and a bit..) threw a wobble. Usual stress bust is a nice...
    Sex Toys
    23 Jul 2010 Help sought - Colt Thruster
    Hello, Try squatting.  I have a Tantus A Bomb (8"girth).  I sit on the bidet, give my self a good lube with Nivea, breath deep and...
    Sex Toys
    4 Jul 2010 How many times a week do you use a Butt Plug
    I wear a Tantus Ryder to work most days and a have an A-Bomb for evening wear. Enemas most evenings too.  Nothing quite so nice as a really...
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