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    Sunday What toy or bit of kit could you not do without now?
    I always need a dildo nearby for when the real thing isn't there.. I can live without vibrators as manual stimulation will do for clitoral...
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    Saturday How many items on your wishlist(s)
    I have 3 on mine, 2 are from the testers list and then there's a plug as I'm meaning to get one. I do be so on top of keeping my list...
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    Saturday Surgery
    I'm considering having what I suppose is the opposite of this done. I got the diagnosis of gender identity disorder 2 years ago and I've...
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    Saturday Who can give a loving home to a DOXY skittle?!
    Would absolutely love to review one of these! http://llellseesextoyreviews.blogspot.ie/
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    Friday How long do you give a toy before deciding to return it?
    In ten years of buying I've only ever returned one item and that was a faulty vibrator that needing replacement. I know lovehoneys generous...
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    Friday Blind Subscription Boxes
    Reminds me of the crazy mystery bundles that pop up every now and then. I think once off mystery boxes are a better option than a subscription as...
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    Friday Which book would you recommend out of these 2?:
    The first book is over 500 pages, while the Tracey Cox book is only a pocket guide so sounds more basic.
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    Friday mental health rant!
    While depression is one of the most common mental health issues experienced by people, it can still be very hard for those who don't suffer...
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    Friday Lovehoney Addicts Anonymous, lol
    I experienced my first sex toy right after I turned 18 and I have been making regular orders ever since. In the beginning I wanted to try...
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    Friday Word Association Ten
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    16 Sep 2015 How many people have you slept with?
    Somewhere in the 60's.
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    13 Sep 2015 When did you last have sex?
    Thismorning :3
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    12 Sep 2015 Straight women liking girl/girl porn
    I think alot of people watch types of porn that don't necessarily match up with the sex they want in real life. She might be perfectly...
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    12 Sep 2015 What are you doing right now?
    Waiting for my fuck buddy to get here :3
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    12 Sep 2015 Random toy delivery I didn't know about. Thanks to whoever this was
    What a suprise! Have fun :D
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    11 Sep 2015 What are you doing right now?
    I had a productive day with dentist and solicitor visits all out of the way, lazing before I hit the gym later.
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    11 Sep 2015 Where are you from?
    Dublin :)
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    11 Sep 2015 Male Sex Toy Testing - Quick Turnaround Required Please
    Hi Jess, We'd love to test any of the following; Silicone Beaded Vibrating Double Penetrator with Stretchy Cock and Ball Rings...
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    11 Sep 2015 The 'What would you buy on my wishlist?' Game
    This looks fun :D http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32822
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    11 Sep 2015 Lovehoney Sex Toy Testers Thread 2015!
    All up to date :) Great list at the moment!
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