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    Sex toy mad FTM - Currently on testosterone therapy and excitedly watching the changes happen :3


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    17 Jun 2013 Product Development Mini Colour Poll
    I'd love to see more bright reds and oranges :) 
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    13 Jun 2013 What was the last thing you had in your mouth?
    The dentist! Can't complain when I've a fetish for latex gloves
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    11 Jun 2013 piercings
    I have a nipple piercing that I'n in the process of stretching, currently at 4mm. Would consider getting a more intimate piercing too :)
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    11 Jun 2013 Fetlife!
    I'm IrishGoddess on fet :)
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    11 Jun 2013 Last Film You Watched?
    The Purge, wasn't bad. Glad its not something that really happens!
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    24 May 2013 VIXSKIN TOYS!!!
    Love VixSkin toys, Excited to hear that more will be stocked soon! :)
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    24 May 2013 Alphabetical Word Association
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    22 May 2013 Facebook Fan Offers - Notice
    Thanks for the notice. I was always checking the FB offer so I'm sad to see it go, Looking forward to seeing what other deals are in store for...
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    22 May 2013 What cheered me up recently...
    Winning a photo competition and getting to pick out some new lingerie as the prize
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    22 May 2013 more sex toys available for testing!
    Hi Cazz, I would be very interested in testing dildos and Kegel balls, I review regularly and can have reviews ready in a speedy fashion.
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    21 May 2013 Alphabetical Word Association
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    19 May 2013 Multiple orgasms - accused of faking :'(
    While not all of us are lucky enough to regularly experience multiples, the obvious signs like suddenly getting alot wetter or getting blushed are...
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    19 May 2013 Your favorite butt plug :)
    The Tantus Neo is one of my favourites - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26628 Along with the Lovehoney Snug Plugs -...
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    11 May 2013 Masturbating whilst on a period
    I can usually tell my period is coming because my sex drive goes through the roof for the few days before it starts, I've been like that for...
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    10 May 2013 Alphabetical Word Association
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    10 May 2013 Depression meds and reaching climax?
    Having been on antidepressants twice, I can say that the first time round (for a few years in my teens) taking them meant I that had no real sexual...
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    9 May 2013 What cheered me up recently...
    The sunny weather earlier in the week and free Ben and Jerrys samples while out shopping today
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    8 May 2013 How are you celebrating International Clitoris Week?
    Celebrated with my Lelo Iris today, must remind the hubby of clitoris week :p
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    8 May 2013 Alphabetical Word Association
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    1 May 2013 What cheered me up recently...
    Finding out that the hubby had won some leather restraints in a competition. Cant wait to see them in person :D
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