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    Love sex toys and kink. Spend way too much time online and watching porn..


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    Wednesday Girth or length
    Girth, I can only take so much length but I can push to stretch myself in terms of thickness :}
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    Wednesday One naughty fact about you?
    I'm always interested in hearing what naughty things Lovehoney members are into or up to so, List one naughty fact about you: Me - I...
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    Wednesday A Thread for Women... Who love to watch Porn!
    I watch alot of gay porn and solo jerk off vids. I'm into kink/D/s too and find that my tastes go through shifts every few months so my viewing...
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    Wednesday Deepest dirtiest fantasy .... And go!!
    I'd love to sit on a suction cup dildo and slowly grind on it while I spend a long session rimming/worshipping a guys ass :}
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    Wednesday Help me find a new sex toy!! Please? Pretty Please?
    If you are looking for a toy that wont deteriorate or change over time then I would opt for a silicone toy. Jelly or rubber toys can melt or the...
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    Wednesday Would you use one of your toys on your monthly?!
    I'd regularly use clitoral vibes at that time and the odd time I'll use a dildo (not on my heavy days) I find my sex drive is still so...
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    Wednesday Yum! or Ewwww!
    Yum! (both giving and recieving) Sex with a butt plug in?
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    Wednesday The 'What would you buy on my wishlist?' Game
    I want this badly! - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31474
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    Wednesday Change A Letter - Part 3
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    24 Nov 2015 Dildos or vibrators
    I prefer dildos over vibrators. I'm not a fan of internal vibrations so I only use vibes for clit stim, most of the time I even prefer...
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    24 Nov 2015 What Was The Last Thing You Had In Your Mouth? pt.2
    Energy drink
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    24 Nov 2015 A to Z of drink
    Iced Coffee
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    24 Nov 2015 Here Goes...
    Welcome to the forum! :]
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    24 Nov 2015 What have you bought recently from LH?
    Arrived today http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34201
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    24 Nov 2015 Sex toy storage
    Ziploc or freezer bags can be great for keeping different toys seperate and preventing reactions/staining from different toy materials mixing....
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    24 Nov 2015 Lovehoney Sex Toy Testers Thread 2015!
    Just spotted the Latex Dildo Pants on list!
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    24 Nov 2015 Change A Letter - Part 3
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    24 Nov 2015 Sum up your day in three words
    Not feeling great
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    23 Nov 2015 Sum up your day in three words
    Full of stress
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    23 Nov 2015 What are you doing right now?
    Just home from college, had a bad day and then got rained on walking home = want my bed
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