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    21 Aug 2014 Adrien Lastic Beginner's Curved Comfort Butt PlugAdrien Lastic Beginner's Curved Comfort Butt Plug Perfect Plug PeachaStrawb 9 out of 10
    10 Jul 2014 Fever Miss Whip Lash CatsuitFever Miss Whip Lash Catsuit Great outfit PeachaStrawb 8 out of 10
    30 May 2014 Sex & Mischief Solid Ball GagSex & Mischief Solid Ball Gag Great but not perfect PeachaStrawb 8 out of 10


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    21 Aug 2014 Bondage, guide to tying up wrists
    Adding to everyone elses suggestions here. Having a good bit of experience of knots the one that I'd recommend the most for tying wrists is...
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    21 Aug 2014 Word Association Nine
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    30 May 2014 Wish 7
    10 Jul 2014 Sex Toy Testers 12


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