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    18 Aug 2013 Maximus Anal Lubricant 250mlMaximus Anal Lubricant 250ml Ideal for anal LaurenRebecca 10 out of 10
    18 Aug 2013 Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Twin Bullet Vibrator SetLovehoney Bedtime Bullet Twin Bullet Vibrator Set Yes please LaurenRebecca 10 out of 10
    18 Aug 2013 Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Beaded Butt Plug Trainer KitDoc Johnson Crystal Jellies Beaded Butt Plug Trainer Kit Great for beginners LaurenRebecca 7 out of 10
    18 Aug 2013 Si Novelties Large Penis Butt PlugSi Novelties Large Penis Butt Plug Brilliant buy LaurenRebecca 10 out of 10
    28 Jul 2013 Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt PlugLovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug Good vibrations LaurenRebecca 10 out of 10
    23 Feb 2010 Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet VibratorLovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator Small but perfectly formed! LaurenRebecca 9 out of 10
    10 Feb 2010 Pearl Shine 9 Inch Multispeed Waterproof Realistic VibratorPearl Shine 9 Inch Multispeed Waterproof Realistic Vibrator Pink pearlescent pleasure LaurenRebecca 9 out of 10
    10 Feb 2010 Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger RingLovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Ring Basic, but it works! LaurenRebecca 9 out of 10


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    20 Aug 2013 The next level from a basic butt plug - anal toy suggestions
    I have the 10 Function Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug (which is quite a mouthful let alone quite an **** full !) and its brilliant.  Its not so...
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    18 Aug 2013 Fetlife!
    I am on too.  My name on there is graze65 (I couldn't think of a name but was eating a snack from a Graze box, so it seemed as good a name...
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    18 Aug 2013 OUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH !!!!
    rubysoho wrote: aw lbless ya  i love rats , used to keep them myself . when debts are cleared an i can afford to have more than...
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    18 Aug 2013 Who uses the forums/LH site
    47, single and very open minded.  Love, love, love, LH, it's a fab site and I have had some amazing toys, Lingerie etc from here over the...
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    18 Aug 2013 what turns you on
    For me its intelligence, I like a man who can stimulate my mind and they have to smell good.  I have absolutely no preference about height,...
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    18 Aug 2013 OUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH !!!!
    My pet rat took a very large chunk out of my hand.  At this point can I just say that rats makes brilliant pets and they are amazing animals...
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    18 Aug 2013 Where do you keep yours?
    I keep mine in a suitcase (I know but I am single and need relief) at the bottom of my bed.  I keep my "everyday" in the drawers...
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    28 Jul 2013 Most inappropriate sex talk in a hotel . . . . .
    I was reading IrishChris's comments about calling out inappropriate things while having sex and it reminded me of staying in a hotel in...
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    21 Jul 2013 What's Inside the Box?
    I had the opposite problem.  My son is 21 (but he is a big kid when it comes to packages) and he was forever asking me if he could...
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    17 Jul 2013 After sex mess??
    I think I must be the exception rather than the "norm", I think sex should be sweaty and sticky !  The "mess" never...
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    17 Jul 2013 Encouraging OH to try waxing
    I have waxed on a number of occasions, sometimes it is just bearable but other times it can be incredibly painful and leave you sore, so I agree...
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    24 Jun 2013 Any ladies particular fans of pegging your man?
    I would love to try this and find the idea a HUGE turn on now all I need is a willing victim, erm no, volunteer ! I think it takes a sexually...
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    27 Feb 2013 whos photo
    Yep, mine is me too.  Got divorced, lost 2.5 stone, felt great and took to wearing corsets !
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    3 Feb 2013 Fuck buddy!!!
    I love the idea of a FB.  I like being single and being able to live my life on my terms and the longer I am single the less a...
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    31 Jan 2013 Do you like your naked self?
    I love my body and have no problems being naked.  I used to sunbathe nude in the paddaock by the house until my son told me he was worried I...
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    23 Jun 2010 Divine No9 lubricant - Possible defence against HPV
    Hi I wonder if there is any chance that Love Honey will stock either the Divine No9 or Divine No8 lubricant.  I have just got back from the...
    Inside Lovehoney
    19 Mar 2010 Squirting
    BLC - I can say with 100% certainty that when you "squirt" it is NOT pee. I had to have some tests carried out several years ago and one of...
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    19 Mar 2010 Quotes out of context
    On a road sign coming home  - "Humps for 1 mile" - I wish I could !. I think I will have it printed on a t-shirt. xxx
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    11 Feb 2010 Valentine's Day Gifts
    My other half has bought me some items from my wishlist but despite me begging and pleading, he refuses to tell me what they are (I think he just liks...
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    10 Feb 2010 Hi all . . . .
    Thanks everyone - I have been busily reading and picking up some really useful tips. Majel xxx
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    29 Jun 2013 Sex Toy Testers 15


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