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    Currently at university I love to do anything crafty and read a lot! I also enjoy window shopping on LH.


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    13 Jun 2013 A boring life in a boring town
    I love my home town!  right between London and brighton so its easy to visit then by train. just the right size so I can walk from one side...
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    19 Nov 2012 What cheered me up recently...
    finishing the first essay i have due in this week - i'll just ignore the fact that i still have one to go...
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    23 Oct 2012 Today's deal of the day
    its loud really loud, i got one a while ago and didnt really feel comfortble using it when parents/siblings were in the house. its wonderfully...
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    21 Oct 2012 Desperately Seeking... the perfect discreet insertable vibe
    i've had the same problem cant really recomend one, mostly because i'm paranoid and have very good hearing myself, but if you look under vibrators...
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    19 Oct 2012 What cheered me up recently...
    realizing that watching harry potter actually counts as work since it is one of the texts i'm studying at the moment
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    15 Sep 2012 I got a pressie!
    i have no idea who sent it but whoever it was thank you very very much for my new babydoll, really brightened my day! 
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    18 Aug 2012 Ladies... What size shoe are you ?
    5 in 'normal' shoes 4 in heels
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    18 Aug 2012 Do you drink alcohol...?
    i dont, mainly because i have problems about feeling light headed and dizzy at the best of times without adding  anything else to the mix! 
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    5 May 2012 Which Happy Rabbit are you after?
    purple or pink i think, now to save up untill i can afford one! 
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    1 May 2012 Glitches on the site
    man of pleasure wrote: yep  are you still here? i've been trying to message you but it doesnt seem to be working 
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    1 May 2012 Oh! Points Query
    silverdrop wrote: Wow, so LH will show up at your house and demand you give them 6 bottles of lube if you order -6 of them?    ...
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    26 Apr 2012 Sex Toys on Trial
    sounds fun, i'd love to try something new!
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    26 Apr 2012 Help me choose my next mini-vibe!
    i apsolutly love the pinups mini vibe, the vibrations are so quiet but are really rather strong too, and the balm that comes  with it is an added...
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    26 Apr 2012 Lovehoney's 10th Birthday Competition!
    Lovehoney is amazing! i had a choice between this and another site when i wanted to buy my first toy but lovehoney won hands down, cheap, easy to use,...
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    25 Apr 2012 Subs: What do you like (the sandwich version)
    home made roast veg, danish sandwich ketchup and cheese is my favorate! 
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    23 Apr 2012 Languages
    i can understand most things in danish and can get by in german and norwegian - i find it hard enough to talk to people in english though let alone...
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    2 Apr 2012 Coming Soon (spilling the beans!)
    Kasumi wrote: Alice you tease!!!   i second this!!
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    2 Apr 2012 What's your favorite junk food...?
    a hotdog from one of the hotdog stands in denmark - rather specific but they taste so much better than the uk ones!
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    5 Mar 2012 PayPal
    rose hip wrote: Oh bloody hell. (And thank you LH for allowing me to say that here %-). I really don't want to have to boycott paypal. :-(...
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    3 Mar 2012 hey to all
    hey and welcome! hope you enjoy it here xx 
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