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    14 Apr 2011 EXS Max Protection Condoms (6 Pack)EXS Max Protection Condoms (6 Pack) Smooth gemheart 10 out of 10
    22 Jan 2011 Zado Wide Net BoxersZado Wide Net Boxers Boxers sexy and more comfortable than you'd think gemheart 9 out of 10
    10 Jan 2011 Toy Joy Captain Cock 8 Inch DildoToy Joy Captain Cock 8 Inch Dildo Nice look but maybe a little hard gemheart 7 out of 10
    4 Jan 2011 Rene Rofe Lace Peek-A-Boo Bra and Crotchless Thong SetRene Rofe Lace Peek-A-Boo Bra and Crotchless Thong Set Led to a good night out gemheart 10 out of 10


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    8 Oct 2011 Ideas needed
     illumine...I like the idea but we are with other couples and I'm not sure that would work lol CurlyCouple...hhmm, didnt know they existed but...
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    7 Oct 2011 Ideas needed
    Hi all, Chrismas is coming an therefore so is a yearly weekend away in London BUT what sexy theme can I introduce this year? Last year was 'seriously...
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    26 Jan 2011 When did you last have sex?
    too long ago...had my appendix out two weeks ago and the no straining / take it easy advice is wearing a bit thin now, lol
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    10 Jan 2011 Newbie, thanks to the wife ;)
    Welcome too. Am also a newbie but loving the concept of you both being on without knowing each others names. Should be interesting....
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    10 Jan 2011 Same sex intercourse in porn
    MF, MFF are fine by me but as long as it seems real. MMF too if (again) it seems real and the woman is really into what's going on between the guys....
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    9 Jan 2011 wall flower to vixen?
    Inara, Phantasma, thanks for the posts. Your route through this is going to help. No hurry for us and 99% of what I suggest she enjoys as much as I...
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    7 Jan 2011 wall flower to vixen?
    thanks Hella, will check some of those out. seduced, I am going to try the forum route.  too many have suggested it as a good idea for it not to...
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    7 Jan 2011 wall flower to vixen?
     we have toys etc, quite a few in fact and we use them (if I suggest we do ). I like the idea of getting her on here but getting her to...
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    7 Jan 2011 wall flower to vixen?
    Hey all, New to this forum, so Hi, but figured I'd jump right in with a request for some advice / experience from you all. My OH is soo not...
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    25 Feb 2015 Something to get my wife going :-) 5
    25 Feb 2015 Sex Toy Testers 1


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