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    English webcam model with a serious fetish for toys!


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    10 Jun 2013 njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildonjoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo Wow - like nothing else DebbieUK 10 out of 10
    9 Sep 2011 Giant Man-O-War Dildo 11 InchGiant Man-O-War Dildo 11 Inch Thought I was up to it but... DebbieUK 3 out of 10


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    10 Jun 2013 anyone recommend any good cam sites, not to view to appear on, not for money just for fun
    I use one. I find it such a turn on to be watched. The one I'm on allows different kinds of broadcasting. You can broadcast to just one person...
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    10 Jun 2013 Sex with panties on
    Yeah I like it cos it feels really naughty. I do it on my own sometimes and use a toy with them inside me too! Love the feel of them pushing on my...
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    8 Aug 2012 To "we" or not to "we" - is the WeVibe any good?
    I lurve the we vibe 2 and REALLY want the 3 (but just can't justify spending an extra £100 when I've already got the 2). I'm really small (I'm...
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    8 Sep 2011 Wife doesn't like cunnilingus (or toys) : (
    really agree with those above, particularly trying to go under the clit when you try it if sensitivity is an issue. I am a hygiene freak and must have...
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    8 Sep 2011 I need to learn some new positions!
    my fave is where man is lying on his side and I am on my back. I put leg nearest him over his waist to end up with a side-on entry and plenty of room...
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    31 Jul 2011 Knickers or Thongs ladies ??
    I wear thongs most often and love them but like a nice pair of sexy knickers too. I just love sexy undies no matter what!
    Lingerie & Clothing
    30 Jul 2011 Male waxing
    I wouldn't suggest waxing your man bits - that has got to hurt! I honestly don't mind - smooth or hairy is both good with me... I do think once you...
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    28 Jul 2011 squirting help
    I think I experienced my first ever squirt last night - though it didn't at all feel the same as pee My OH was giving me killer oral - and it...
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    28 Jul 2011 Restrain Me...;)
    we once bought some leg spreaders from a high street sex shop. But, they were way too short - I'm only 5'2" and have short legs, but I wanted to...
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    27 Jul 2011 I would do ANYTHING for love - but I won't do that
    I basically wouldn't do anything illegal, or anything which caused real pain to myself or my OH. I don't think I'd do scat either, but I guess I've...
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    26 Jul 2011 carrying sextoys at airports!
    yeah I've taken sex toys on trips plenty of times - if they are in your hold luggage you will not have to hear any sniggers as you won't be there...
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    24 Jul 2011 Glass dildos. Smooth or textured?
    I love the 'icicles no 8' version! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22160
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    24 Jul 2011 Hey
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    24 Jul 2011 Girlfriends birthday
    sorry it's the We-Vibe II I'm talking about :)
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    24 Jul 2011 Girlfriends birthday
    I would definitely second the We-Vibe, it's not the cheapest toy but it will make cumming together a real joy. With oil, make sure to use condom safe...
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    24 Jul 2011 Hi from Debbie!
    hey thanks everyone! hope you are enjoying the sunshine today
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    23 Jul 2011 Double Penetration
    I only ever get to dp myself with toys... I use one suction cup dildo and another handheld one - would love to DP with two guys - ultimate fantasy!
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    23 Jul 2011 Foxxy says hi all
    hi from another newb x
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    23 Jul 2011 Rate the avatar of the person above you!!
    7/10 cool but I prefer skin
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    23 Jul 2011 Hi from Debbie!
    thank you! hope you both have a great evening and rest of the weekend
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    23 Jul 2011 DebbieUK 17


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