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    Young and adventurous couple always looking for the next big adventure. Love trying new things and exploring our kinky side.


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    16 Apr 2014 sexy word game
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    3 Apr 2014 Labiaplasty or pussy lip reduction
    Always hated the look of mine and used to refuse oral, when he finally talked me round I had no idea just how much hubby loved it! I am thankful...
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    3 Apr 2014 Lingerie for the large breasted ?
    Have to agree with Holly Love, i'm a 38g and Asda do some really nice quality and well fitting lingerie. Also boux avenue are true to size and...
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    30 Mar 2014 What have you bought recently from LH?
    2 x shibari 3m rope, you can never have enough 
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    29 Mar 2014 New couple
    Just stopping in to say hi, stopped off to order the shibari rope and my fiance and i both thought, why have we not got involved sooner?! 
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