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    11 Jun 2010 Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy Palm Pal UR3Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy Palm Pal UR3 A bit short and tight, but a great little toy. Chrisams 8 out of 10
    11 May 2010 Exposed Club Bunny Girl CostumeExposed Club Bunny Girl Costume Excellent value Chrisams 9 out of 10
    11 May 2010 MTX Autoblow Robotic Mouth Blow Job MasturbatorMTX Autoblow Robotic Mouth Blow Job Masturbator Not enough power! Chrisams 6 out of 10


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    14 May 2010 Gum Shields: Blowjobs not Hockey.
    At least Braces aren't as bad as Jaws from the Bond series. These gun sheilds seem like they'd probably simulate a OAPs toothless BJ.  Not...
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    14 May 2010 Bottom 5 Fantasy I'd Never Fuck List
    1 - My mother (or any other family member).  I'm amazed no-one else listed this, so I'll take it incest is on some peoples agenda! 2 - Maggy...
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    13 May 2010 What jobs do we all do on here
    I work in an off-license, largely getting chatted up by slightly mature women I'd love to pay some attention to, but can't because my boss would go...
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    13 May 2010 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Age - 26 Gender - Male\TV :S Relationship Status - Single Sexual Preference - Straight, but bi when it comes to TS'\TVs Favourite...
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    13 May 2010 Wow - how cool is this trick?!
    1026. Jesus - it was RIGHT.
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    12 May 2010 Small Boobs (Lack of confidence)
    I'm not a big fan of big boobs myself, once they get beyond a C-cup they start to frighten me. Have you spoken to your BF about this...
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    12 May 2010 What would you like to earn Oh! Points for?
    How about points for members that found other members reviews helpful? A few points, 10\15 maybe could add up to a nice amount for the serious...
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    12 May 2010 May Caption Comp - it's Back! 4 Grab Bag prizes to be won
    "Honey had got the wrong idea when she was asked to enter the Polling Booth"  - male
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    11 May 2010 Help! Buying hardcore for women online.
    I'm lucky that I live in Brighton, really.  There's three pretty good adult video shops all along one bus route and two of them are next to the...
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    11 May 2010 When you're home alone what do you get up to?
    I just like to take my time and just enjoy the experience uninterrupted, which is always far more satisfying.
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    11 May 2010 Any recomendations for trimming pubic hair ?
    A beard trimmer probably won't be a good idea since the blades work differently to a lady shaver - there is no grill to protect the users testies...
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    11 May 2010 do you masturbate more since joining LH?
    In my opinion, the more toys, the more whims\opportunities\variety, all of which lead either to more sex or more masturbation. It's all good,...
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