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    28 Sep 2015 Longer term relationships
    I think the key is to not put pressure on yourself or each other to be having lots of sex or expecting mega sex sessions all the time. In my...
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    28 Sep 2015 How many people have you slept with?
    I have only had one partner, we have been together for 32 years. :)
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    29 Aug 2015 Sensitivity before/after orgasms
    I sometimes get so sensitive after an orgasm that I cant be touched anywhere! My poor husband cant kiss or cuddle me, it's like every nerve in...
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    18 Aug 2015 Most funniest sexual experience
    Living in a busy household, my husband and I always take the oppotunity to have sex if we get a few minutes to ourselves. One year near to...
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    16 Aug 2015 HELP ME FIND HER MOJO!! I want my girl back ; )
    as someone who has spent several years breastfeeding can I just add to the already great advice that as much as I loved feeding my children, I also...
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    11 Oct 2014 Haunted wi vibe?
    An odd thing happened this week and  I thought it would be appreciated on here! On monday I had a little solo fun with our wi vibe , this was...
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    14 Aug 2014 Been lurking forgot to introduce myself oops!
    Title says it all, sorry I have been reading the forums for ages and it was only when I commented on one yesterday that I realised I had never...
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    13 Aug 2014 children overhearing you
    Hi I am lurker too but  i just wanted  to sympathise with the OP. We have two adult children living at home and a teenager, the two...
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    12 May 2014 Sex & Talk.
    My husband in daily life is very tacitern and only speaks when he really has to, he can sit through a noisy family meal and not say a word , or...
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