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    Hi all Mr and Mrs here we joined on the site after looking for a new toy to spice up the bedroom only used vibes before but would love to open our minds to knew things it just what do you spend your money on ?????


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    6 Jan 2011 Sliquid Sizzle Glycerin Free Warming Lubricant 125mlSliquid Sizzle Glycerin Free Warming Lubricant 125ml Good but not as it says on the tin berrytree 4 out of 10
    15 Dec 2010 Peppermint Candy Love Rings (3 pack)Peppermint Candy Love Rings (3 pack) Peppermint Rings great if you like a bit of pain berrytree 1 out of 10
    25 Nov 2010 Pasante Lovers Lick 200mlPasante Lovers Lick 200ml Great tasting treat for the two of us berrytree 9 out of 10
    26 Oct 2010 Lovehoney Erotic Rocket 2.0 10 Function Mini VibratorLovehoney Erotic Rocket 2.0 10 Function Mini Vibrator Erotic Rocket - Small but great and powerful berrytree 9 out of 10
    25 Oct 2010 Lovehoney Silencer Quiet VibratorLovehoney Silencer Quiet Vibrator Nice Quiet Vibrator Surprise berrytree 6 out of 10
    25 Oct 2010 I Rub My Duckie Gold Label Travel SizeI Rub My Duckie Gold Label Travel Size I Rub My Duckie Made The Hot Tub Time More Fun berrytree 5 out of 10


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    17 Dec 2010 Hi All
    welcome to the forums great fun ono here sadly ive been very busy last week or so and not had time to get on here
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    4 Dec 2010 hi ya
    hello and welcome the forums are great fun but when you log on you cant leavetomuch going on LOL
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    30 Nov 2010 Best websites to errrr.... fiddle to....
    after loging on here today ive got some good sites to try now me thinks we have used in the past boysfood youporn porn hub all are free and dont...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 Nov 2010 Hullo Rerr :D
    welcome Vickie enjoy
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    26 Nov 2010 Oral sex, hand job or nothing, when on her monthly's?
    yeah im sorry but we have a few days off just dont feel like it at the start but by god im horny and ready after mine only last a few days aswell so...
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    25 Nov 2010 Testers Wanted - all varieties!
    yep me too funny enough me and the OH have just been trying something we got the other week and will write a review later 2night
    Inside Lovehoney
    20 Nov 2010 When did you last have sex?
    this moring got woke up by Hubby stoking my back and one thing led to another and managed to have a bit of slow wake up sex before the kids got up i...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Nov 2010 What undies are you wearing today?
    nice black and wite poka dots ones from la senza cant beat tem for good quality at a great cost always wear nice underware as you never know wen...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    10 Nov 2010 Mini Competitions - file under random fun challenges
    well done M&S i think that the quickest ive ever used my mouse LOL enjoy the toy and lets have more of this very good but now im late for my...
    Inside Lovehoney
    10 Nov 2010 Mini Competitions - file under random fun challenges
    thats a good point Ecksvie i was thinking that aswell
    Inside Lovehoney
    10 Nov 2010 Help with a christmas gift.
    if it was a gift for me i would like the glass one not  got one but thats which one i would like if OH was going to get me one
    Sex Toys
    10 Nov 2010 hi
    hello and welcome
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    10 Nov 2010 How often do you like to have sex............
    i know the oh would like it everyday but truth is only get it twice a week with work and kids i agree sometimes it feels like its got to be a nice...
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    9 Nov 2010 HELLO-- and go easy on me!
    welcome to the forums i think you will know what is best to do here if you have both talked about sex toys is the past and you think she will enjoy a...
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    9 Nov 2010 End Of Sex Life!!??!?
    yep my OH has got his here on the door mat however his work have sent him to germany till friday so he not going to be getting a go on that just yet...
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    9 Nov 2010 £50 Prize - Complete Our Christmas Quickie Survey
    yep done and that was a quickie
    Inside Lovehoney
    9 Nov 2010 What's New
    that new toy looks good something else to put on my wish list i want so much but money is the issue
    Inside Lovehoney
    9 Nov 2010 Hello lovely peeps
    hello and welcome see you around
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    8 Nov 2010 Cock ring info
    Alice - great write up there going show the OH when gets home looks like going to try one of the basics only a £ difference so not sure...
    Sex Toys
    8 Nov 2010 Cock ring info
    cheers chels18 will do its kind of what we were thinking anyway x
    Sex Toys


    Date Wishlist name Items
    25 Oct 2010 play time 9
    25 Oct 2010 vibrations 6
    25 Oct 2010 one of us is in for a surprise 3
    26 Oct 2010 time to chill and relax a little 1


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