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    love: writing | art | animals | confidence | passion

    i live to follow my dreams. :)


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    23 Sep 2011 Mates Skyn Non Latex Condoms (12 Pack)Mates Skyn Non Latex Condoms (12 Pack) Skyn really is the closest thing to skin Arkadia 10 out of 10
    13 Jul 2011 Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 60mlShunga Dragon Virility Cream 60ml Shunga's Dragon Virility is my Dream Cream Arkadia 10 out of 10
    26 Mar 2011 Durex Avanti Ultima Non Latex Condoms (5 Pack)Durex Avanti Ultima Non Latex Condoms (5 Pack) Quality latex-free condoms good but could be better Arkadia 7 out of 10
    26 Mar 2011 Sliquid Silk Glycerin Free Lubricant 255mlSliquid Silk Glycerin Free Lubricant 255ml I just LOVE this lube Arkadia 10 out of 10
    25 Mar 2011 Fun Factory Original Smartballs Kegel BallsFun Factory Original Smartballs Kegel Balls They sound wonderful but beginners beware Arkadia 6 out of 10
    25 Mar 2011 Durex Love Condoms (4 Pack)Durex Love Condoms (4 Pack) Better than most Arkadia 7 out of 10
    25 Mar 2011 Durex Fetherlite Ultra Condoms (12 Pack)Durex Fetherlite Ultra Condoms (12 Pack) Great for those who seeking a truly thin condom Arkadia 7 out of 10
    25 Mar 2011 Durex Play Vibrations Love RingDurex Play Vibrations Love Ring You can do better Arkadia 5 out of 10
    25 Mar 2011 Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 100mlDurex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 100ml It certainly tingles Arkadia 7 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    30 Nov 2011 not sure if my sleep sex is a problem!?
    There is some kind of disorder regarding sexual activities during sleep - sexomnia, I think? I don't know too much about it. I do know that my partner...
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    30 Nov 2011 It's the Lovehoney Advent Calendar - 24 Luxury Sex Toys Up For Grabs
    This is so exciting! What a wonderful idea :) I'm a little concerned about the one reveal a day - I will be so hesitant to purchase something in case...
    Inside Lovehoney
    4 Aug 2011 What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?
    I finally bit and got the Bondage Boutique Tie and Tease bundle when it went on sale. So glad I did :D Next up I want to try out a glass dildo,...
    Sex Toys
    4 Aug 2011 some advice about sex toys for a 15 yr old girl
    Pretty sure this is a troll. On the off chance it isn't, if I were LH I'd be notifying the police just in case. People, there's a difference...
    Sex Toys
    1 Aug 2011 August Testing... Romance, Foreplay & Lingerie
    Updated here too :) Love the new lingerie.
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    28 Jul 2011 whos photo
    Definitely WOW Hella! You look like the perfect cute cyberpunk character. Love the outfit and the wig *and* the photo. Beautiful!
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    23 Jul 2011 LoveHoney shipping free to Australia and US + others
    I recently placed an order with LoveHoney and to my great delight, found that shipping to Australia was currently free! I thought I might call...
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    21 Jul 2011 EMPTY BASKET?! Help LoveHoney!
    I'm no longer having the basket issue :)
    Inside Lovehoney
    21 Jul 2011 Innocent or Dirty??/
    When I want to admire beauty for the sake of beauty, I prefer the good girl look. When I'm looking at sexual attractiveness, I'll go for the bad girl...
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    21 Jul 2011 What other websites do you also have open right now?
    allrecipes.com, ebanned.com, Ebay, Paypal, the website of the hair salon I use, the Skype website, Streamate.com, Facebook, thewayofthenerd.com,...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    21 Jul 2011 Last book you read/reading
    I just finished reading Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I've badly wanted to read it for a couple of years, and I finally found myself a copy at a charity...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    21 Jul 2011 whos photo
    Lovvve your avatar Minx! The photo with the gloves and collar is great too, you rock them both. Now I want some gloves! And a collar! Ahh!
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    21 Jul 2011 Sex toy jewellery
    I don't usually wear jewelery, but I would definitely rock a sex toy necklace if given easy opportunity. I'd feel deliciously cheeky!
    Sex Toys
    21 Jul 2011 I want more female oral sex toys...
    I'd love to see toy companies more thoroughly exploring ways of simulating the oral sex experience. I'm very tempted to pick up a SaSi after reading...
    Sex Toys
    21 Jul 2011 Who bought the first sex toy in your relationship?
    I broached the idea of purchasing one, since owning a toy had been on my mind pretty much since the onset of puberty. But we researched, chose and...
    Sex Toys
    21 Jul 2011 piercings???
    I have a tongue piercing, obtained when I was a sixteen year old virgin with naughty intentions
    Sex Tips & Talk
    21 Jul 2011 Horny when hungover?
    How strange! I think the Orgasm Army has stumbled on something here. I don't get hungover very often, but when I do sex is rarely at the forefront of...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    21 Jul 2011 ladies, do you enjoy anal sex yes or no?
    Despite enjoying myself during anal, I typically have no interest in doing it when asked (my partner loves it but I usually say no). However I do...
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    20 Jul 2011 Double Penetration
    I only truly enjoy anal when I'm using a rabbit at the same time my partner is 'doing it from behind'. I think the ben wa ball idea sounds great...
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    20 Jul 2011 EMPTY BASKET?! Help LoveHoney!
    I've had this issue the past few days too! The items in my basket only stick around for ten minutes or so. I was trying to make a purchase a couple...
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    25 Mar 2011 Orgasm Army 49
    26 Mar 2011 To Review 10
    18 Apr 2011 Spoiling 67


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