• Alicia D'amore: Wishlists

    I have strong beliefs on many things. One of those things is that sex shouldn't be taboo but an enjoyable (and safe) activity between like minded adults. I've been with my partner for 9 years.


    I'm on Facebook but I *only* accept people I know so if who you are isn't obvious from your FB name then add a message or I will reject the request.

    I only accept friend requests from members who've been about for a bit so feel free to add me but I may leave you waiting for a response until I know you a little better :)


    Date Wishlist name Items
    20 Sep 2009 Corsets 10
    20 Sep 2009 Vibrators 11
    20 Sep 2009 Bits to share 5
    21 Sep 2009 Stockings 7
    9 May 2010 Bondage 5
    9 May 2010 Anal 2
    9 May 2010 Underwear 11
    9 May 2010 Accessories/Bodywear 15
    9 May 2010 Luxury materials 8
    11 Jun 2010 Orgasm Army Wishlist 19