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    LilMissMardyBum wrote:

    thats ok sweetness i hope it helps,my fella was well chuffed with himself when he made me squirt it was like he had completed a level of COD lol :) really boosted his confidence


    Oh god, I can imagine what my OH would be like! I would prefer it if it was success by his work rather than a toy, hopefully we'll get there! Thanks again

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    im sure you will toys are good fun too i have the tracey cox set and the white one is amazing enjoy x

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    FWIW ( from a guys perspective)...

    There's a ton of stuff written ( i don't refer to these pages ) and some of it makes good sense, but often seems to me that folks are a/ setting high expectations b/ trotting out a '1 size fits all' guide.

    Just as everyone likes different toys and different stimulation,i don't believe there is 1 single recipe to suit someone starting down this path of exploration. The idea that everyone will respond to 'jiggle this for 5 mins, then tweak that'....seems a bit ludicrous....that said once the dam has been broken, then of course it will become easier as it become sfamiliar territory.

    How we ( wifey JJ) got there the first few times was to spend far longer on the initial f/play, exploring other internal 'hotspots' rather than just concentrating on the G, so the A/P spots, some clit based stim etc. Before even thinking about too much about the G. By that time she was aroused to the nth degree, she'd had the 'needing to pee' feelings before on other occasions, but getting her mega aroused tipped the balance: Basically, no matter what her head said subconsciously about pee/not pee/squirt etc - it didn't matter, she's was so aroused that nature kind of took over.

    Looking back i suppose that next time followed a similar pattern, ie/ drawn out arousal, but very soon she became comfortable that it was normal, highly enjoyable and def not pee. That realisation gradually lead to her being far more reactive, or rather - being able to squirt with far less 'prep' - just through more ordinary play/touch.

    That said, it was never a mission/quest for her - best 2 tips i can share ( just a male opinion) - don't get hung about 'doing it', enjoy the journey, infact perhaps treat the experience as a way for you and your partner to learn more about your body and its arousal. And don't rely on toys alone, bearing in mind that different states of mind will (may) have a huge impact on how someone reacts to the same toy.....glass for JJ at the outset of a play session is a no no, but later on works well....whereas no doubt others swear by glass or xyz all the time. Anyway, enjoy your sexploration.

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    Thank you Heatseekher, that's some great advice there. I don't mean to come across like I'm obsessed to squirt or achieve a g spot orgasm, or that I won't be satisfied until I do. It's certainly not going to happen overnight, I've read a lot of posts on here about it and I totally expect it to take a lot of exploration, time and patience. It seems to be one of those things that will just happen when the time/feeling is right. As I'm new to this (so new in fact that I didn't even know what squirting was until I read posts on here about it) I was just looking for some tips,and maybe recommendations of toys that would maybe help get me there. Me and OH have been together such a long time, that at least the one thing we can get right with each other, is to relax utterly and completely with each other. This is something that I would love to experience seen as our sex life has hit the roof of late. We're learning so much on here and achieving so much too, thanks to everybody's great advice. But I totally agree with you, everyone is different, everybody's likes/dislikes differ and not everybody's bodies are the same. Thanks again :-)

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