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    I've been debating on what toy to buy next...

    As soon as these toys came onto lovehoney i've wanted to try one however can't yet afford one so i'm hopin for them to go on an offer soon, although thats not my problem, my problem is ... which one do I choose??

    Midori - the green 'pear' shaped one

    Yuki - the white 'snowman'

    Sakura - the pink one

    They all look amazin!! I'm usually not a pink person but I like the way the toy should sit on your clitoris, the green one just looks adorable and the snowman, watching a video about it, is apparently insertable to an extent ... Help me choose !! :D xxx

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    Well, I would say the Midori, because it is almost like a mixture of the other two. The snowman has a larger, more bulbous section which could be partially insertable and the Sakura has pin point 'prongs' whereas the Midori is in the middle of the two, in that it is partially diffuse and large enough to tease the entrance of the vagina, but also has a more point point tip compared to the Sakura. So, to me, the Midori is like the 'blend' of the other two.

    I have only tried one of these toys (Midori) and I would probably say that if you can only orgasm from pin point stim, then the choice would be 1) Sakura 2) Midori 3) Yuki

    If you only like diffuse stimulation, it would be the other way round: 1) Yuki 2)Midori 3)Sakura

    So....as you can see, the middle ground most of the time is the Midori, and that is why it would be my recommendation to someone who was not sure, or to someone who liked both pin point and diffuse stim.

    The only point I would be concerned about is that the Midori is not going to be as pin point as the Sakura, so if you absolutely require only pin point, and as pin point as possible, then the Sakura is going to be your best choice in that instance. The Midori, in my experience is not quite as pin point as a standard bullet vibe, but pin point enough for me, who also enjoys pin point stim over diffuse. x

    Anyway, whichever you choose, i hope you enjoy x

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