• Problems with length

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    I heard it's the inner sphincter you have to be careful of. Damaging that one could lead to incontinence. And I've heard it's much more difficult to willfully control that one.

    Be safe folks! :o

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    Well i've accomodated a whole double ender a few years ago...it was either 18" or 21"...must have been 18...because now I can only only only just accomodate this.


    and that is 16 inches.

    I haven't had any problems....but man incontinence is a scary thought!

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    OMG I'd love to be able to take that sort of length!!! Last night I took about 6 inches of a drumstick, cus my toys were too far away to be bothered to get them out.lol

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    Never had a problem with length myself. I regualarly take the whole 16" of my favorite toy ;)

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    SEXYGET 69 wrote:

    Hi Knux (where did knux come from?)

    I was stood up for the drumstick experience and believe me it was an experience! She gave me a blow job and wanked me off and kept hitting the stick throughout, I came like a volcano for her.


    Bloody hell LMFAO chicken drumstick....i just spat out my tea

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