• Using rabbit vibe...?

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    I got myself a Jessica 2.0, having never owned a rabbit vibe before and can't seem to position it in a way that actually feels pleasurable - is it something that needs to be quite 'high up' inside the vagina in order to get the ears in the right place? At the moment they're either too low or too high and I can't for the life of me work out the middle ground

    Perhaps it's just my anatomy, but it's really frustrating after all the good things I've heard about them!

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    I've had the same trouble with nearly all the rabbits I've tried out, honestly! Something I try doing is putting lots of lube on the ears part and tilting the handle down a little while the shaft is inside of me, I find this sometimes helps them slide into place. Or I tilt the handle of it at an upward angle so the bunny nose part presses against my clit, so I'm still getting the vibrations from it, but not from the ears themselves. I think it might just be an anatomy thing :(

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    Sounds like an anatomy problem, I'm so sorry! What I found works cause I have a tiny vaginy, if your toy is water proof put it under very hot water and bend it (gently) to tilt better then run it under very cold water... A lot of silicone toys are temperature sensitive maybe it will help.

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