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    Be back later....... Much later....

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    I like my wand a lot, it's good for couple sex as we find that in missionary the OH can rock his hips so he hits my g spot and puts the right amount of pressure on my clit with the wand. The only drawback is that the skin near the wand vibrates which he can feel inside - making him come quicker too.

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    Why didn't we get a wand sooner?!

    watching your other half quiver as each orgasm approaches and then passes.... Sooo sexy to watch. I can only imagine what she felt like! Her rabbit leaves her clit too sensitive for any more than 2 orgasms, last night she had 5 or 6 with the wand.

    she was slightly daunted by the size, but soon got into it.

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    Glad your partner enjoyed it. I have seen a hummingbird male masturbator attachment for men on another site. Lovehoney bods any plans to sell it on here, my hubby would love one and I'd rather buy from you?

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    I'm saving for this- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25284

    Looks great, brilliant reviews, cordless and the SenseTouch feature sounds well interesting!

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    The difference between wands (Or more specifically - MAINS POWERED wands) and most other vibrators is power and depth of vibrations.

    Mains powered wands are pretty much the top end of the power spectrum when it comes to vibrating toys. There is no real difference other than that. (taking away sizes and shapes etc, there is nothing particularly special about the wand besides power.) They can pretty much force orgasms, they are that powerful (Which is why you see them used in BDSM and BDSM porn in particular)

    Some women do not like wands. They find them too intense and powerful and I admit there are some drawbacks (The intense vibration makes your lips and bottom itch like mad sometimes lol) also wands will make you orgasm fast, not necessarily any harder, or better than another vibrator or even hands and tongues, but the orgasm feels intense but it is over pretty fast as you cannot stand the power as soon as you start cumming.

    Men: The wand vibrator has been known to make quite a few men orgasm powerfully too. Simply hold the large head against your frenulum. My partner never got off on vibrators before the wand came along and now it has the same effect on him as it does on me (It can force his orgasms too!)

    Wands are intense, the most powerful vibrators available, fun and don't often fail (Some women do not like them and find them to be too intense or too buzzy etc, remember there is no one size fits all sex toy.) for the most part though, wands are great.

    I have been asked: Should I just get the battery operated one? Yes you can do, and some are good, but they are only as powerful as most other reasonably powerful vibrators. If you want the pinnacle of power, splurge out for the mains powered wands and you will see a huge difference. HUGE! lol

    I don't use my wand every time though and that is because I do not always want a fast build up and a quick but hard orgasm. Sometimes I want a more sensual, slow and relaxed build up and a longer orgasm (Which is not often possible with the wand because I simply cannot keep it near my clit as I start to orgasm, it is too much.)

    So yes, wands are brilliant, not every time but if someone asked me to write a list of the 5 toys recommended that all girls own. The mains powered wand would be on it.

    Another thing: The Lovehoney Deluxe wand is slightly more expensive that the Lovehoney standard wand. However, it comes with a scrolling wheel which means you can choose the perfect speed for you, and it starts at a low rumble and goes right up to an earth shattering shake that is too intense, even for me, the woman who craves powerful vibes. The standard one only comes with two speeds (I believe) and so I would say, go with the wheel girls (And boys! Seriously!!)....go with the wheeeeeeeel!

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    I was lucky enough to get a wand as a gift, and a mains powered one too. Fluffbags is spot on when she says go with the wheel :-). The gradual build up of power which is so simple to control is amazing, full power is ridiculously intense but the wheel makes it so simple to ease off on the power
    Things like rabbits just don't do it for me at all.
    My wand however, fantastic for so many things and a firm favourite.

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