• How To Get Free Sex Toys From LoveHoney

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    Yes, it is true - LoveHoney sends free sex toys, lubricants and other tester products out to people!

    So what do you need to do?

    Number 1 - Join the community and set up a profile.

    Number 2 - Post reviews of sex toys, lubricants, erotic books and lingerie that you already own.

    So, if you've got a favourite rabbit vibrator or you picked up a bottle of Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant from the supermarket, let us know what you think! Click here to read more about how to write a stonking good review.

    Number 3 - Add your address to your account.

    If we don't have your current address, we can't send you stuff! To add your address, click on your account, go to manage your address book, then enter your address and click save! Make sure your address is up to date.

    We have tester products available around once or twice every week, so by posting well-written and thorough product reviews you will soon be noticed and will be considered to receive one of these items.

    You don't have to have a full community profile with loads of detail and photos in order to get sent testers, but it helps if we know your relationship status and gender. After all, sending a Fleshlight Girl to a gay male in a relationship isn't going to get much use and neither is a Sex Counter Cock Ring being sent to a single girl!

    We generally send products which are similar to those you've used before or that you've expressed an interest in, so if you're not a fan of anal, you won't randomly be sent a butt plug!

    If you are chosen to receive a tester product from us, you will be sent an e-mail to let you know so make sure to add @lovehoney.co.uk to your e-mail safe list so it doesn't end up in your junk mail folder!

    What do we expect in return? YOUR FIRST BORN! Actually that's a lie. In return, we ask that you use the product and then review it, ideally within a month of receiving the product. Sometime we will send you new products - we will email you first, and give you instructions on how to enter your review. If the product is new, we ask that you keep the fact you are reviewing an advance tester product confidential.

    Your tester product will be sent in discreet packaging with no easily indentifiable labels.

    The reason we send out freebies is because we like to receive feedback on our products, particularly new ones, so we know whether to stock them in the future. You get a free sex toy to keep forever and ever, we get an honest review of it - everyone's a winner!



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    Yeah, I'd love to be part of this but I live in the Netherlands. Is that a problem?

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    Tester products will be sent out internationally if we don't have a deadline for the reviews! There are two types of products we will send out -

    1 - Products that are new and in stock: These are products that we've already decided to stock at LoveHoney and want reviews so that when they go live on the site, people can see how great they are. These are usually own brand or fairly expensive products that people wouldn't necessarily buy without the reassurance that it's been tried, tested and people love it!

    2 - Products that we might stock: These are products that companies send us to see if we would like to stock them in the future. Whilst they may look fantastic, we don't necessarily know what they are like in use so would prefer to send them out to be tested, get your opinions on them and then decide if we want to order a large amount of them to sell.

    Type 1 ususally has a deadline for reviews as the product will be going live soon. Type 2 doesn't have a deadline because we haven't yet ordered the product so it may or may not go live.

    So, yes, we do send tester products internationally but you may miss out on a few due to time constraints! Sorry!

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    If it's a product we don't yet stock, it won't show up on your reviews as we have no product on the site to link it to. If your review is positive then we'll stock that item, then once it goes live, your review will show up. If your review is negative then we won't stock the item and the review won't go live, but instead it will sit on our admin system so we know that you still produced a wonderful glowing review!

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    Am I being really dumb here? I can find the link to write a review of products not yet reviewed, but I cant find the link for products that already have been. I've tried 2 now, lube and prostate massager, but I just cant see it. What am I doing wrong??

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    Go here and type the name of the product you are reviewing in.

    We are currently testing different styles of page on the LoveHoney site, so some products do not have an 'add review' link.

    The testing will be over soon and you will be able to review in the normal way, until then give it a go using the special form!

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    id love to try some products for you of any kind i swing both ways so any type of toy will be my beast friend lol sorry if i said to much o and after we review the product for the site and post anbout it do we have to send it back i know sounds stupid to as but other sites ask you to or they dont end you any more

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    It's also an idea to keep a eye on the forum, since sometimes they'll post looking for volunteers for a specific item, especially if it has a fairly close deadline, or is a specialist product that they can't know for sure who would be willing to try without asking. You also don't have to post about it, just some of the veteran reviewers like to share their reviews with the forum community and get feedback, so that's completely up to you.

    But first step is defnitely to get a review or two under your belt. And remember that they're not looking for a swathe of 5-star reviews, negative reviews can get you just as far, what they're looking for is honesty and the ability to write something that could be genuinely helpful to other site users.

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