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    Ok so many of you may love, use or at least know of the wonder that is the LH satin Drawstring toy bag if you don't here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22930.

    This is a lovely looking and useful item for all who want to keep their toys snug, safe and sound. But when you have multiple toys/bags then it can be a bit hard to tell one from the other, yes you can tie a ribbon to them but it would be much more attractive to have multiple colour bags say a red one, a yellow one and so on. Is there anybody else out there that feels the same way as me? We must rise up and fight for our right to ask politely if they would make more colours *makes puppy eyes*.

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    Lovebunnie XOXOX

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    Just make your own; you can have as much variety and colour-coordination as you want. Or wrap them in scarves. Mine have acquired a fondness for silk.


    (LH would have to pay more in production and stocking costs to provide multiple colours. That would be less cost efficient and prices would go up, leading to fewer sales, and so on. They have some truly clever minds in those offices, so I think we can be confident they've made the best decision business-wise.)

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    I actually like the purple bags and never even considered asking for different colours. The only thing I had an issue with was the sizing but Lh were kind enough to make smaller ones. I think the whole point of them being purple with a red heart is that they're the official colours of Lovehoney. And I agree with Rose Hip, it would be too expensive in the long run so you probably wouldn't buy them anyway.

    I always know what's in each bag without looking inside - just touch them up a bit and guess

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    black with the red heart would be lovely. xx

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    More choice is never a bad thing! I would buy this if it was a different colour! x

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