• My first sex toy

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    I have just ordered my first sex toy which is a fun zone Vulcan ripe vagina, I like to have solo fun and wanted to try something different my OH doesn't know about me enjoying masterbation or my new toy I was just looking for suggestions on ways to get the best out of my toy any hints and tips and does your OH know about your toys

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    Are you sure she does not know?

    Hope you have fun with your new toy, enjoy it on your own or you could also get her to play along with you.

    We are newbies to toys, but use them together, just waiting for a new one coming, think hubby should have one too.

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    Good for you. Have fun with your first toy.

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    I'm new too.

    Enjoy your toy but maybe buy something for your OH or something you can both enjoy. If you buy somethying you can try out on her, it will then make it easier to bring up the subject of you buying something for yourself.

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    Thanks for your replys my OH really doesn't know anything about it I would love to buy her a vibe and have spoke to her about it as I would love her to have some solo fun and maybe let me watch we could also use it together but she has made it really clear that's she doesn't want one and would never use one hence why she doesn't know about mine

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    thats such a shame - she really is missing out - but each to their own !

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