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    Okay this may come across as a bit of a daft question but I need it answered.

    Firstly I normally store my toys, when they are not in use, in their original boxes. I have run out of storage space and need to start getting rid of excess boxes. The question I have is, is it safe to store two sillicone toys, of the same type of sillicone but differing colours in the same bag without them damaging each other or colour transfering from one to the other.

    In the past I've tried to store toys of very similar but not identical materials together and it's damaged them, so this time I would thought I would ask people first so I don't risk damaging much loved toys.

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    It's easy enough to make some more bags. Why take chances?


    There's another thread in the archives with links to inexpensive bags that people have found as well.

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    I'm sure that a lot of folks will say they have never had any problems but there are always plenty of horror stories about storing silicone toys together. Where there is doubt, there is a risk, so why take the chance?

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    Thanks for the responses :)

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