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    Hi all i'm new to the forum so be gentle!

    I have recently purchased one of the vibraexciter vibrators for my gf but I just can't seem to get it to work.

    When I turn it on and press the manual button sometimes it will give a vibrate, if you keep pressing the manual button sometimes it give other vibrations sometimes not, and I have left it for ages.

    Also I have had absolutely no luck with getting any response from a phone (obviously it being the whole point!) I have tried a blackberry, iPhone and a bog standard nokia on o2 and vodafone.

    Help! is it broken or am I just being stupid?!

    P.s. yes the batteries are new and in the correct way round!

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    I remember purchasing one and having a bit of trouble. Sometimes it just takes a bit to fiddle around with and then to work. Mine ended up being faulty and I consulted Lovehoney's live chat.

    As for phones, I can't remember exactly but I think it's compatible with certain wavelengths- forgot what though!

    I'd definitely ask Customer service though for more info. Try contacting them now via Live Chat Help. =)

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    You have to go into your phone settings and select gsm. Then it should bring a smile to your face. Good luck with it.

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