• Hosting an independant sex toy party

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    I will be hosting my very own independant sex toy party next weekend. Basically a group of us are getting together to chat about 50 Shades of Grey, but I have also managed to get hold of a few small prizes to give out.

    I was wondering what kind of games I could put together to make the evening more fun?

    It has been a very long time since I've attended anything like this, and it's a bit different to AS and Blue Bella parties, as for a start it's not aimed at selling products.

    So any ideas would be great =)

    I already have ideas for food =)

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    Sexy pass the parcel! various condoms/ sachets of flavoured lube for the layers and a toy in the middle.

    A blockbusters style quiz game with questions relating to sex and/or the book.

    Who can put a condom on a banana the fastest, extra points for no hands!

    Pair up and see who can come up with the most sex positions.

    One we used to play at uni was where you have to suck all the chocolate off a crunchy chocolate bar without causing the crunchy to break. The winnier is the person who sucks all the chocolate off the fastest however, they get time penalties added for every half an inch of lenght they've lost in the process. Can be very funny, particularly if they have to do it whilst on their hands and knees with someone holding the crunchy as though it's a penis.

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    Bitches bingo, 2 or three prizes...lots of raffle tickets. Everyone gets x raffle tickets when your number is drawn you select a prize. once all prizes ar handed out if your number is drawn you steal someone's prie. The three prizes end up getting passed back and forward until the last 3 tickets are drawn.

    You win by having the prize in your posession at the end of the game.

    I also think that you can buy pin the dick on the hunk...just like pin the tail on the donkey

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    I'd prefer cheap or almost free things to do at the party as I'm broke.

    I'll think about some of your suggestions so far =)

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    get creme eggs and you put them in one persons mouth and another person has to lick the creme out without cracking the egg

    also, popping a balloon the fastest by different sex positions :p

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    I'm still trying to work out games that'll really tie in with 50 shades.

    Also, the cheaper the better.

    I've managed to get a supply of condoms and lube to give out and some discount codes.

    So far I've used my Oh! points for some silver balls... I might use more of them to get some bondage type items too.

    I guess something like 'pin the tail on the hunk' would kinda tie in if I got a blindfold or two to use - also need to purchase teh game.

    It has been suggested that I should do a kinda show and tell sex toy thing too? I'm guessing this could be to show off things like spankers, blindfolds, the jiggle of kegel balls, etc and help show people what the toys mentioned in the books are like.

    I need to plan discussion questions too. I have some ideas after reading tones of articles about the books, but if you have any suggestions that'd be a great help =)

    I've almost finished the first book, and have made time to read the others before Saturday... I know it's not a tricky book to read, but it's not the kind of book I normally enjoy... I'm a textbook geek... I've had more fun reading new and blog articles about the books =)

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    I'm not really sure how you make a party 50 shades of grey themds without actually doing any BDSM

    . If you had rope you could do a hog tying competition, but then again bondage can be dangerous if people dont know what they are doing.

    You could do trust games, for example have one person blindfolded and another giving them instructions get get through a little obsticle course or something ie who is the most trusting sub.

    You could test who follows instructions the best such as giving them a piece of paper and oragami instructions.

    You could do a quiz where you are asking questions from the book, or BDSM style questions.

    Make a paper mache balloon bum and play pinata- beat/spank/whip the balloon to get the candy out.

    You could just all bring your copies of the book and have a book burning in the name of saving good literature from invasion of badly written repetitive pop culture drivel, and have everyone suggest an alternative reading to help cleanse your minds of the horrid traces of E L James' writing skills... oh sorry did I say that out loud? lol

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