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    Hi All

    My OH has just asked if we can find a lube which is not~:

    1. Smelly, the "high street sex shop (A.S)" smells quite "chemically"

    2. Messy... we put the lube on and it runs absolutely everywhere!

    3. "Sticky"

    Any ideas?

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    Durex feel is quite good, no smell or taste, doesnt get sticky like the others and is thick enough that it doesnt run - almost like a gel texture.

    Its my fave "normal" lube for the above reasons and it doesnt dry out easily either :)
    oh and its in a pump bottle which saves more mess!

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    Thanks :)

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    Although not directly answering this question you may want to check out these other threads on good lubes, lots of insights and opinions:



    I would imagine that a chemical smell can come from lots of different ingredients, so quite difficult to know what to avoid ingredients wise. With messy, you probably want something thicker, more gel-like, so it doesn't run. Definitely avoid silicone-based lubes from this perspective as they are extremely liquid. Could test prospectives if you went into a physical shop and tilted bottles to see how they moved. Sticky is the easiest, pretty much just avoid anything with glycerin (related to sugar) in it.

    Personally recommend Sliquid Sassy: few ingredients, tasteless, odorless, non-sticky, fairly thick formulation for anal sex, as well as fuffiling all the implied criteria (e.g. slippery, long-lasting) successfully. It is tricky otherwise to fuffil 2 and 3 as glycerin is usually included as the main thickening agent I believe.

    Good luck!


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