• Kegel exercise balls, how do you use yours?

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    I have the Tracey Cox Toner Balls and was looking for tips on how to actually use them and came across this useful webpage:


    Do you have any other methods for using kegel exercise balls which aren't listed there?

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    I bought the Tracy Cox toner balls just last week. The first day I enjoyed the sensation so much that I wore them all day. When they are in I can't feel them unless i focus on them. Whether that means they are too light for my muscles to work constantly whilst wearing them I don't know, but what they do is periodically make me notice they are there causing me to consciously work my muscles, which is certainly a pleasure and not a chore. Twice I have made myself cum purely from tightening my muscles, a case of "look, no hands". My OH and I had sex for the first time since buying them this morning and it was amazing, possibly the best ever. I had 7 orgasms, 4 through penetration, which don't normally do. My OH also remarked that I felt tighter.

    I hope they have a good an effect on you as they have for me - enjoy

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    i just leave mine in. the hardest part is going to the toilet with them in (i have the gold ben wa balls) and usualy the first one pops out.

    i find that i become slightly less awair of them if i dont take them out and put them back in occasionly.

    my favorite things to do whilst wearing them are going to the gym (boxing training) horse riding and jumping up and down to "keep warm"

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