• Lovehoney Magic Wand vs Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe

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    What's the difference between these two wands, other than the appearance and price? What makes the Deluxe wand "deluxe"? I was hoping to find a video comparison or forum thread something to explain the difference so I could decide if the Deluxe was worth the extra £15 to me, but I haven't seen anything. Can anyone who has tried both explain?



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    I have the deluxe wand and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW, I would say its definitely worth the money.

    I have looked into the other and Avriele is right, its definitely got the stronger smoother motor and I know its more powerful, I would definitely pay the extra; you know you have the best!

    You'll always be thinking that there is a better one otherwise.

    Heres my review


    Hope this helps you choose.

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    Thanks! I sent in a customer service request to see if they can give me more information. Since neither Lovehoney wand was in the Christmas sale, I can put off the decision a little longer. I know the Bodywand was well reviewed, and it might be the same wand rebranded as Lovehoney, but I'd still rather have the Lovehoney brand on my wand.

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    I got a response from customer service:


    Thank you for contacting Lovehoney.

    There are slight difference to the wands the head of the magic is like a firm sponge and the head on the deluxe is a softer plastic and the shape of the deluxe is more ergonomically shaped and is a better design to hold.

    Both the wands are the same power and have all the same functions.

    There is not too much difference other than the shape design and the head material and texture.

    I hope this helps.

    I asked about the weight, and the Deluxe is about 100 grams lighter. So there's the information for anyone looking for it in future.

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