• Oh! points what shall i get?

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    OK confession time i have never bought a sex toy in my life!

    So kind LH have given me over time total points of 1250. I've looked at some like the powerful pocket vibrator and lustfinger vibrator and not 100% of which one to get. Cos at the moment im not having any sex. I like clitorial stimulation and orgasm with that but i would also like to find my G-spot. I've tried G-spot tips but they just dont work for me. i even tried a hairbrush to see if i get going but nah. I have screamed once when i was having sex with my ex years ago. But havent screamed like that since. Maybe its the motion of the ocean?

    But anyway if i choose the lustfinger i might be able to find my g-spot. and if i dont find my g-spot then i will miss out on the better clitorial stimulation on the other one cos that more for the clit, which is what i like.

    and with this new fella i am trying to get with, he doesn't like to give oral. ooohhh and i so like my clit to be licked especially if he will look up at me at the same time with his sexy eyes. lol oh well we can't have it all can we?

    so decisions decisions on the vibes for me!

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    Why go with a fella who won`t pleasure you the way you want to be pleasured. If he doesn`t like the taste of pussy then he shouldn`t have the use of it. My whole life I have regarded myself as being hugely privileged when a girl opened her legs to me so why should I not kiss that spot of all spots and give it a long, lusty lick to show my gratitude and appreciation? Get yourself another guy...

    About the vibrators, the bullets really does wonders to a clitoris. You could also put it between you and your guy when he`s shagging you. The movements you'll make with your pussy to keep it in place, will make the sex even better.

    You can also add a glass g-spot dildo and once inserted, put a vibrator at the outside end. The glass will transfer the full effect of the vibrations and not absorb some of it as softer materials do.

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