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    Have been using poppers with OH for two or three years now, and would love to hear who else uses them and what they think to them etc etc :-) !!

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    Can i ask what effect it has?

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    I have used them before. My partner doesnt as makes him loose his erection. With me it drives me wild beyond wild. i am out of control in the bedroom, i want to be sucking cock being taken in all positions, im basically all over the place, my partner loved it. The only down side with me is i have avery bad reaction too it, and cant take them any more. I cant breathe and develop a bad chest. i have had to use an inhaler. and these symptons last for two days or so.

    Im not asthmatic or ever had chest infections and no other chemicals cause this reaction. So its actually pretty scary experience afterwards. But was absolutley amazing when i took them. Down side i couldnt orgasam on them. maybe cause i was all over the place with my partner didnt last long enough in one postition.

    So be careful people if your using them and stop straight away if you have a reaction.

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    Hi Sweetcherry, thanks for your advice, much appreciated. Sorry to hear you are having to use inhaler as a result of using Poppers.

    Fortunately I haven't had that problem, or at least not aware of it anyway. I agree with what you say about the impact they have in the bedroom, its incredible. Increases all sensations to awesome levels. I haven't had problem with loosing erection so far.

    Totally agree with what you say about stopping straight away if you have a reaction.

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    Poppers decrease your blood pressure and also produce a sudden and direct arousing effect in the brain which can intensify sexual arousal if used in a sexual environment. They should be taken with caution and not taken with other medication that lowers blood pressure such as Viagra (sildenafil).

    Though from my experience of poppers I personally didn't get a long with them. One time they actually caused me to pass out, so I doubt I'll ever use them again.

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    I used to use poppers quite often and it definately intesifys things and helped me relax as normally I'm quite tense during sex (probably why I dont Oragasm)..

    After a couple of years use I to had to stop using them as the banging head sensation became way too strong to cope with and kinda ruined it for me..

    Theres soo many different types out there now and a friend of mine use's it all the time but with him inhaling the stronger ones he has found they do leave him with sores on his nose after a while guess thats not really what there designed for though so kind of self inflicted I guess


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    yep made my heart race and became all floppy dick wise so not much good really might have just run up the stairs and plunged my dick into a bowl of cold water same effect

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    Here's what Frank has to say about Poppers.

    "Possession is not illegal but supply can be an offence" - so let's share experiences, but not shopping habits.

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    I think everyone reacts differently to each other.

    Some say that as a vasodilator, that 'floppy cock' syndrome should be the norm, but I found that I had erections harder and for longer than I ever could sustain usually. It does seem to make folks feel flushed and increased heart rate too.

    As regards mental state, where its just the thrill of the situation I have been in at the time or what, but it turned me into an even bigger slutty little whore than I usually am. I know thats quite hard to imagine, but I can get a bit uncontrollable on poppers.

    Oh, and from an anal sex point of view, it does make penetration considerably easier with the effects it has on smooth muscle. ;-)

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    I've used them on and off for sometime and although the initial buzz is nice, I personally find it too short term ie few mins, to have any useful effect

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    ..true,very true... they don't last that long, lucky if you get 10 minutes out of it. Definatly a product to be used with caution and never in solitary....

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    we bought some from the local sex store but couldn't really work out how they were meant to be used (for sexual effect) are they just sniffed directly?

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    Pretty much yes.

    The stuff mustn't come into contact with any skin or body part - its vile, nasty, corrosive stuff so a nasal inhalation works for me, with a good inch or two gap between the bottle and nose.

    Its also as flammable as hell, but, I've seen folk dip ciggies into it, light (carefully) and smoke though i'm not sure of the safety of this method. Seems way too direct for me. Seek advice from those who have tried it IMHO, and who are smokers, to gauge reaction, etc.

    A product that needs to be treated with some respect.

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    Ooh eck, that doesn't sound like a great experience at all

    Definatlely a product which has some bad as well as good responses.

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    I regularly use them, although if I have had a particular long and energetic session I tend to get a headache several hours later. I have also found that you sometimes build up some sort of tolerance after prolonged use and need to stay off them for a month or so.

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