• Reviewing returned products?

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    Last week I returned a few products as they didn't work/ arrived damaged. I ordered the feather fan and it was missing a lot of feathers and glue all over it, I was wondering whether I could review the fan? I haven't asked for replacements of any of the products as I was very upset that the whole order went wrong, though I understand that this is not Lh's fault. The other products I know I won't be able to review as they were vibrators and never got a chance to even try them properly as they were didn't want to work or arrived damaged, but with the fan I feel I can still review it's quality and things? It is a shame really as I was looking forward to the fan, and I understand my expectations may have been higher than some but still it really wasn't good.

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    I don't think there's an issue with reviewing items that you've sent back.. Of course it may have just been an unlucky dip though. Like with some toys not working etc.

    I have reviewed products that I've sent back purely because of the disappointment in fitting etc and if it's low in reviews so that others may have the same concerns. With some items I do think it may have been the luck of the draw though, like accessories and toys unless it's a fixed feature like size etc.

    I have just recently submitted a review of the fan and I, personally loved mine. There were a few minor build issues but it was great value.

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    My most scathing review was for a product I returned. I returned a piece of lingerie for many reasons so reviewed it based on those. The only thing I couldn't comment on fully was how well it washed and how comfy it was to wear for a long time but it was uncomfy for 5 minutes so I could make an educated guess.

    If you didn't like it for a reason chances are someone else wants that exact answer to a question they were having before purchasing!


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    As said above, there is a difference between something you didn't like and returned (review away!), and something that is clearly faulty.

    It's really important to let us know when something is faulty as we log all faulty items and if an item reaches a certain percentage of faulty items, we investigate it as part of our quality control. However, the best way to do this is via a return or refund or by contacting customer services.

    We contact people who submit a review of a faulty item because most people who do this haven't contacted customer services and have been too shy to ask for a return or refund. We always pick up on these so no customer is left unsatisfied.

    As you know, we always publish people's opinions - whether good or bad. However when someone has submitted a review describing a faulty product we are happiest sending a replacement so the reviewer has the opportunity to use the products in their fully functioning state and be able to leave an accurate review.

    In your specific case, the fan sounds odd as I've had them on my desk (and played with them and taken photos with them!) and the quality was good - no holes or gaps and certainly no glue! It does sound like yours wasn't acceptable and not as the product should be.

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    Thanks Alice, I was having a bad time with that order, my first really. I've had things go wrong before but not everything. The fan was really bad even had a friend and OH check it for me, a few of the areas had no feathers at all, and glue over the ones that were there, maybe someone didn't let it dry before closing it or something. I returned the whole order for a refund as rips and motors not working even after lots of battery changes I had given up. It was my birthday order which made me more upset I guess. I just thought at the time returning it all for a refund was best, and with the fan I just thought they all were like that otherwise I would of asked for a replacement.

    There's a few positives to this, I'm not planning to order for awhile really and I know it's not LH's fault. But I'm going to use this time to write a few reviews and pamper some of my current toys. I'm glad and hope other people get along with the products I received.

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    Lovehoney - Alice wrote:

    no customer is left unsatisfied.

    Now there's a mission statement! And a funky tag-line for the website, too...

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