• An Egg for Easter Please!

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    I am sorry if this has already been asked but I couldnt find anything in the search.

    As we havent really used toys before, when we decided to liven things up I took the tactic of buying a bit of everything to work out what would be the best for us - I certainly didnt expect it all to work so well. Part of my spending spree was the basic vibrating love egg which possibly turned out to be the best £6.99 I have ever spent, but this morning when the OH took it out of our bag of goodies I was gutted to find out it had given up the ghost and despite new batteries it just didnt want to play. As if that wasnt bad enough when he looked at it more closely there was a rust coloured liquid leaking out of the actual egg where the wires go in! I would be ordering a replacement today but I wanted to check if others had encounterd the same problem first as the idea of whatever it is leaking inside me worries me, so my questions are:

    1- Although I thought it was ok to wash the actual egg in soapy water was this the wrong thing to do?

    2- Can anyone recommend a new vibrating egg to us please, we are happy to spend a bit more for a highly recommended egg but loved how powerful this one was and the fact it could be adjusted so easily.

    3- Are remote controlled eggs a better option as OH reckons the seal around the wires could always be liable to leak?

    Sorry for the long post, will try and cut things shorter with practice around here.

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    These eggs shouldn't actually leak, I haven't had a leaking one yet! It is possible you just got a dodgy one- it happens some times of course, and I'm sure Lovehoney would be more than happy to issue you a full refund! It is also possible that you ended up getting the inside of the egg wet. I know the BASIC egg is not waterproof, so you shouldn't submerge it. If you have been washing it gently with a damp cloth, that should be fine, but if water got through the seals or around the wires, that would explain the leaking. I second AA in recommending the SQWERTY cleaner, it's super good (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=1013).

    If you're looking for power in a new egg, I wouldn't really say you need to pay "top bucks" for one. The BASIC egg is one of the most powerful and highly rated eggs on Lovehoney! A couple of other highly rated eggs are;
    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16550 (Remote control, but more expensive!)
    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=1577 (Three bullets, cheaper, very flash!)

    I wouldn't say you'll encounter this problem again if you buy another wired egg, just make sure to be very careful when washing non-waterproof items. Wireless eggs, however, can be a lot more fun, as your partner can take the controls wherever you are (a lot of people like to be daring and wear them out to dinner and such!)... And you may find them slightly better sealed! For example, the decadent one I linked you is completely submersible.

    Hope you manage to find something that suits you! x

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    Thankyou, I really appreciate your reply and will definitely invest in some sqwerty. Although the product info says it is not waterproof a few of the reviews said that related to the battery unit so thats why I assumed it would be ok. I am not entirely sure about things that are difficult to retrieve either but our sex life has never been as good as it is at the mo so I want to try everything while I can in case it takes a nosedive again.

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    I prefer the basic egg better than any of the others I have tried. It's not waterproof though. I'm guessing it messed up and was leaking because you ran water through it etc. It's best wiped with a damp soapy towel or using the sqwerty spray and pat down. Antibacterial wipes work too.

    I have the Bang Bang egg vibe that comes with a very nifty looking sleeve. I love the extra texture but it still doesn't beat the basic egg in terms of strength. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13177

    This is another well reviewed egg. It's waterproof and known for it's strength in vibrations: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13155 Not bad value either.

    Good luck and enjoy. =]

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