• Bit of advice for a couple who have run out of ideas

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    Myself and my husband are looking for some new toys to spice up things in the bedroom, we've bought many things from Lovehoney in the past so have various bits and bobs from vibrators to butt plugs and are just looking for something a bit different so we'd really like some ideas from you all so we can get buying and trying ;)


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    Costumes/Uniforms for role-play/fantasy?

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    I suggest the board game Monogamy:


    Read this thread for a bit more info.


    Also have a browse through the excellent blog posts, such as these:


    Good luck!

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    thanks guys we'll have a look

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    I concur with Monogamy. My partner and I really enjoyed it. =]

    Games like that get you exploring other things like use of massage candles/roleplaying etc as well as building up that romantic and sexual energy with eachother. It's diverse enough to play again and again with different scenarios.

    Good luck in your search!

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    Have you ever tried a silicone lube? Not just for lubrication, but they make an incredible alternative to massage oil. Your hands completely transform, as does your parnter's body, and it's such a unique sensation. I love it!

    If you end up liking slippery sex, how about getting some PVC sheets and a load of baby oil (or silicone lube)?

    (Can you tell Iube's the only thing on my mind?)

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    I agree with Alice, experiment with different types of lubes. You could also try blindfolds and handcuffs if you haven't already. Or have you had a look at the toys for him? Strokers are great to spice up handjobs.

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    Not sure whether you've seen this but if you're experienced with various sex toys and you're running out of ideas why not have a go at designing and submitting a new toy for the competition. It could be fun and it could trigger lots of other thoughts you haven't explored. Plus if you win the competition we'll all have another toy to try hehe.


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