• Anyone with a Lelo Iris that can answer a question?

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    Hello folks.

    Basically, I bought a lelo Iris off lovehoney last week and i'm not sure if it's working as it should be, and i was wondering if anyone who owned one would be willing to compare.

    When I turn the vibe on, it's fine. The vibrations are quiet and increase as I would expect when I turn up the power. However, as soon as I change the mode (using the up and down buttons) it instantly becomes considerably louder, and the sound changes from a solid hum to an unsettlingly hollow rattle, the vibrations don't seem to change and it doesn't feel like it's pulsing, even though it sounds like it is.

    My gut feeling is that it isn't doing what it should, but i'd like to confirm before I go through the hasstle of sending it off to lelo.

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    Rattles usually aren't a good sign, but I'll leave this to someone with an Iris to answer.

    You woudln't need to send it to Lelo though - if it is faulty then LoveHoney will deal with it for you in a much quicker way than Lelo.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Yeah, i've actually sent another lelo product back to Lovehoney because it just didn't suit me. I got the iris as a replacement for the thing i sent back, but if it's a fault with the actual vibe itself I wouldn't want to bother lovehoney if it was a problem with the actual vibe itself.

    I'm going to wait a few days and maybe go through all the settings when I have the house to myself and people wont be wondering why my room sounds like a workshop. ^^

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    Can the mods delete this repeat.

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