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    I've just bought a BASIC love egg which is definitely working when I use it externally but as I've never owned a love egg before I'm a bit confused about how I should use it internally. There's just a dial for power on the outside, it doesn't pulsate or anything. My confusion is what I should be expecting when it goes inside - should it be powerful enough to do the work by itself or should I be touching myself externally to make the experience better? Otherwise if I do nothing it's just humming away.

    Sorry if it sounds like stupid question - I think I should have maybe gotten an egg with different speeds for variation.


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    Vibrating love eggs do different things for different people hun. Some become aroused enough with the egg just vibrating inside of them, others like to play with themselves at the same time using their hands or another toy and some find the egg does nothing for them at all. The thing about ANY sex toys is to experiment with them, relax and just enjoy using them in different ways both externally and internally, dont be disheartened at all as buying a new toy takes time to get used to.


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    I got a Love egg a while ago but never got on with it that well... definetly as it had a metal piece sticking out of the bottom :( not comfy at all

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    I've got a love egg and I find it over-rated - I keep trying with it vibrating inside me but I've never orgasmed from it..

    keep trying at it, it might work for you!!


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    i have wanted to try one but im also unsure what is best to do with it i for somereason thought you used them when out and about but that could be me being stupid

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    I prefer to use them as a clitoral stimluant rather than for internal use.

    I don't think it'd be very satisfying internally although it might be a good foreplay toy. I love the idea of my OH having the control to the egg. I think it's an amazing little thing. The shape feels better than the bullets for me.


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