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    I've just heard about this and I can't really say that it is my kind of thing, but apparently the pornstar Jenna Jameson and a company called ThriXXX have an Interactive 3D Sex game in which you can control the different characters movements, change the scenario, change toys and outfits etc.

    Here is the website.


    I was just wondering if anyone was into this sort of thing or what they thought about it...???

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    Mhm, personally I regard them a bit as porn/hentai - generally the stories are cheesy and routine x_x

    Theyre fun if you are bored and have nothing to do I guess, and sometimes (when they are well made) theyre nice to watch and play

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    I got hold of a ahem "copy" of the Jenna Jameson game. To be honest its not very good and I soon got bored of it and deleted it.

    I guess some people will find it amusing but it was very cartoony (is that a word lol !) and once you'd made her act out a few scenes I just lost interest.

    Hope this helps


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    Yeah not really my thing either...they tend to be pretty rubbish and cheesy!!

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