• what plug to wear and not get noticed?

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    Can any one recommend a butt plug that can be worn for most of the day and will not be noticeable (really fancy wearing one to work) and will stay in place even when walking around


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    You need one with a slim neck, i would recomend a large major diameter to this will help keep it where it should be.

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    Wow... I'm surprised just how many people ask this!

    Next time I'm in Asda I expect at least 4 people to have something up their arse!

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    I was thinking the same WandA! And with the amount of ben wa balls and vibrating secret panties etc for the girls..........I wonder what % of people are walking around with some form of naughtiness going on?! I must admit, i'm one of them sometimes! Nowonder people are so reluctant to make eye contact on trains!!! x MC x

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    I've been sent a Manzzz Danus Rippled Silicone Butt Plug to review (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16450), and I reckon for long periods it's pretty damn good as the neck is slim but the ripples are quite big so it really stays in. The end is very low profile too so it sits nicely and there's nothing to stick out. I have a BASIC Sex Toys Slimline Butt Buddy but that doesn't stay put half as well as the Manzz and the end is much chunkier so may encourage it to come out or may cause a visible lump in your clothing.

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    I have an Aneros MGX (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=1763). It has a nice slim base which keeps it place and the outer parts are slim too so nothing will get noticed.

    Hadn't thought of doing that before, might give it a go!!

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