• VibraExciter his and hers.... anyone currently using one or give advice>

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    oooh my first thread comencement(is that even a word????)

    Decided that instead of going for the bumper bundle bank holiday pack that may just go for his and hers vibraExciters instead as the other half already has a walk toy cupboard and she hasnt got anything like this PLUS its something to enjoy when we are away from each other.

    Now a few questions tho...

    I work in an office with loads of computer kit and mobile phones have been know to cause interfearence with systems - you can hear when someone gets a text as the PC's go mental and start buzzing. As the vibe is priety close to the same frequancy will have the same effect?

    Also how loud is the vibe? I couldnt have it going off in a meeting or anything like that and being heard across the office while I'm standing there making that orgasam face.

    NowI see the toy only works on GSM to...we both have blackberrys so they mainly run on 3G, Would that be an issue. I know that can set phones to GSM but if we do we tend to lose all signal

    All answers greatly apreachiated

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    The vibe sounds just like a mobile phone going off if you have it on a pulse settings, so in a quiet situation it would be audible but could be easily confused or passed off. ( loud pub or club - no probs)

    they go off in any mobile phone, so if it does go off it will pobably be the mobile phone sendind the 'puters haywire, as the text triggers the vibe.

    i have a 3g phone, while i can set it to both it usually means my phone will react when i send the message out but not when i have incoming calls and messages. this could be my LG though. i think the GSM only setting on my phone was more effective, but again makes vary/

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    can someone post a link to the product please?? im intrigued and also looking for something that sounds just like this...x Tanking you!!!

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    linky GL


    SL- thats excelent.

    Many thanks gonna go and order a his and hers set now

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    I think that I prefer the good old fashioned,multi speed or one speed(fast and noisy)vibrator.

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