• Toy material preference completely changed after toy abstinence?

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    Only began masturbating about 3 and a half years ago. Stopped 18 months ago after the break up of my long term relationship.
    Previously my preference was for glass toys as they were easy clean, and easy enough to insert as i only use toys in the shower and so lube wasn't an option.
    Being a virgin i can't use even "standard" girths of softer toys and glass is typically more slender.
    However, after my abstinence, i had a few sexual dreams in the past few weeks, in which i masturbate, but it's penetration only no clitoral stimulation. I know my mind doesn't know the difference between the two, but it made me curious about vaginal rather than clitoral orgasms.
    The problem i'm facing in trying to explore a vaginal orgasm is that glass is too hard and rigid and rather than being pleasurable, it just hurts. It's made me realise, that all these glass toys ever really did was add a full feeling, i've never actually "used" them in the sense of anything other than fully inserting and leaving it there, and that actually hinders rather than aids my clitoral orgasms.
    I own 6 or 7 glass toys that now just seem useless. Is it usual for your preference of how to use toys and the type of toy to completely change like this? I don't want to throw them out (and replacing with jelly style toys isn't an option money wise atm anyway) just to find softer materials doesn't fulfil what i'm looking for and my preference to change back again.

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    Think your toy preference changes with you body and mind. If you are a Virginal and haven't used toy in a while you will need to work back up from something smaller and softer. Make sure you're relaxed too.

    Definitely don't throw them though. It's highly likely you'll be able to work back up to them as long as there is no medical reason behind the pain.

    Glass toys really are fabulous so good luck.

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    I wouldn't get rid of them, as your preferences can change depending on your mood, how often you're being sexually active and masturbating, how aroused you were, the lube you were using etc.

    I would look into a small silicone dildo like the Tantus Silk medium as it's really quite flexible and the measurements are minimalistic.

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    Definitely don't throw them out! My preference changes as time goes on, but nothing to rule out that they may change back again

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