• Beginners Buttplug, that stays in

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    Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone can point me towards a good buttplug, thats a smallish size for my OH to give anal fun a try with, but also stays in quite well, whist walking, playing etc.. ;) Intending to convert it into a tail see =p

    Cheers =]

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    I expect there has been many-a-post on this before, but since I'm new to anal play myself, I'll add my two pence worth. I recently bought (and reviewed) this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16053 Basic Slimline Butt Buddy. It is great for first timers, but the more I've used it and other toys (thus seeming to relax my arse) it hasn't stayed in so well. I'm thinking of shaving the sides down a little so it fits closer into my ring (without the risk of it dissappearing!) in the hope it'll stay in a little better.

    As for turning it into a tail Love Honey appear to sell a few purpose built so to speak butt plug tails which you may be interested in http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/s.cfm?term=tail&category=butt-plugs&price=&colour=&brand.


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    Good idea, I had looked at that one, shall give it a try at only £5. And yeah, they have those tails, but no cat tails =P


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    The Lelo BOB (I've written a review at: http://factsandfriction.blogspot.com/2009/07/lelo-bob-toy-review-gentlemans-buttplug.html) is pricey but really good, lovely shape and very sure to stay in!

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    Check out the sale, they have a variety of butt plugs at bargain prices x

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